Secret Basement.... but mistakes were made. | Ep. 8 | Minecraft X Life SMP 

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod
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Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod
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Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
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Scheming Weasel (faster version) Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Isabelle Peterson
Isabelle Peterson 3 timmar sedan
Everytime Lizzie's like: Ahh!!! I'm going to die!!!" She doesn't die, but when she's doing her oown bussness, dead is like: "Hello! would you like to join the next club? Well...not this time
Chalotte Gacha
Chalotte Gacha 5 timmar sedan
If I was in the server, I would just steal everything in the shop, including the diamonds that were put in by people.🤣🤣
Frog 8 timmar sedan
Notsizzles pop Larson
Notsizzles pop Larson 23 timmar sedan
I love it how she casual just has 175 exp levels
Akira Kishimoto
Akira Kishimoto Dag sedan
Dang it Joel
_.la1la Dag sedan
Can you like download her mod its so fricking cutee
I has Taco
I has Taco Dag sedan
You gotta love the twilight thonk
Kate Mason
Kate Mason 2 dagar sedan
Without stitch life sick and cruel I cannot live without da stitch
Itz_Aesthetic Girl
Itz_Aesthetic Girl 2 dagar sedan
Loved your death Lizzie!
Justyn Scott
Justyn Scott 2 dagar sedan
I have each like a lot of the ones and I thank the. Videos are done
Siri Djurhuus
Siri Djurhuus 2 dagar sedan
OMG 11:29 the BabEe is soooooooo cute :3
Allie grace Carter
Allie grace Carter 2 dagar sedan
Lizzie is so smart she spent only 25 and then instead of buy8ng more she goes to the neather and gets a blaze so that she can get blaze rods to make more.
Royale Robloxian
Royale Robloxian 2 dagar sedan
I’m on 3 hearts too now because I got killed by a croc Also I play the mod pack not the server Those floating dog things are called PAULINES in Jacks case
jak white
jak white 3 dagar sedan
I love how she couldve sat om her "throne" for a intro but chooses the kitchen instead XD
Zoe Rafaela Tan
Zoe Rafaela Tan 3 dagar sedan
Ozzie Waterson
Ozzie Waterson 4 dagar sedan
Ldshadowlady you do realise becuse of that pot infrount of the "secret door" people hwo enter your house and goes to the basement and sees the pot they would most likely check it out. I learned that the hard way My friend found my secret underground room Edit: Joel watching:so I can steal your wool!! Hahahaha now I can get more wool and ill kill your sheep while I'm at it so you need to buy from mee!
Wyatt Nelson
Wyatt Nelson 4 dagar sedan
Wait when I clicked the video..... WHY- JUST WHY IS THAT THE NETHER ARMS Edit: is no one going to talk about that??🤭
Wyatt Nelson
Wyatt Nelson 4 dagar sedan
Lillian Play86
Lillian Play86 4 dagar sedan
Ppl who have no mods so they have to use stairs as sofas : 👁💧👄💧👁
2000s aesthetic
2000s aesthetic 5 dagar sedan
lizzie you are an ICON
your edits
your edits 6 dagar sedan
My question is why didn’t you just teleport??
Maeve Modisettte
Maeve Modisettte 6 dagar sedan
Cant you just steal?
Dylan L
Dylan L 6 dagar sedan
what mods does she use and where does she get them?
Snufisk 1
Snufisk 1 6 dagar sedan
Who can do any voice in the entire worldddddd!!! Lizzieeeeee!!
Ting Yang
Ting Yang 7 dagar sedan
Rest in peace
ghosts 7 dagar sedan
where the doorway is you should put online picture frames on the whole wall so it blends in more
• Bonnet •
• Bonnet • 7 dagar sedan
Lizzy love’s stech
• Bonnet •
• Bonnet • 7 dagar sedan
Ok I’m going to rit more 6 I do not now how to spall 7 I all ready did the 1/2;3:4:5 8 I’m not going to do more 9 lizzy is so so so cut! 10 I’m bord
• Bonnet •
• Bonnet • 7 dagar sedan
1The fish tank is a little bigger 2 And the house has secret spots 3 love the house 4 the house is very cut 5 you move’ed 6 you need a pet
Sad_ Imotional
Sad_ Imotional 8 dagar sedan
2:40 When she said "so cute" OMG UR THE CUTEST GIRL I've over seen
Jaw Quiamco
Jaw Quiamco 8 dagar sedan
Hey can i be your sniccher iam gonna tell you all of your freinds secret
Ben-Emy Vangee
Ben-Emy Vangee 8 dagar sedan
Audrey Calisang
Audrey Calisang 9 dagar sedan
Anyone here who folds their bread with Nutella inside and bite into a square??
Amanda scheibl
Amanda scheibl 9 dagar sedan
I have ben watching. here videos for YEARS
Gabriel Lodder
Gabriel Lodder 9 dagar sedan
Casper -
Casper - 9 dagar sedan
I’ve been watch her since 5th grade-I’m in high school now and I’m still watching her.💀
Aubree Beaird
Aubree Beaird 9 dagar sedan
Lizzie! why didn't you use the warp scroll?
Mariella Medina
Mariella Medina 9 dagar sedan
I watch all vids
A normal cat猫
A normal cat猫 9 dagar sedan
8:29 excuse me that is not green-
Jasmina Kalbić
Jasmina Kalbić 9 dagar sedan
Lizzie: no one will know about my secret rooms! The map in the corner: *Hello there*
Ruperto Sangalang
Ruperto Sangalang 10 dagar sedan
lizzie why didint rec that you made a 3 heart club cuz in katherine "s channel she went in the 3 heart club?
Mimi & Gochi
Mimi & Gochi 10 dagar sedan
This episode is just Lizzie putting everyone out of business.
Elizabeth Adi
Elizabeth Adi 10 dagar sedan
How did you add the fan art, and the wallpaper with the secret entrance,and well the wallpaper?
Summer Plays Games
Summer Plays Games 11 dagar sedan
Omg at 5:39 I jumped and screamed 😱😭💀😂 I was not ready for that XD
Why do i think joel is dating Lizzie ?
「alxsya 」
「alxsya 」 7 dagar sedan
@ELYSIA WOO PUI YANN Moe oop its ok:)
@「alxsya 」 oof i didn't know I'm new
「alxsya 」
「alxsya 」 9 dagar sedan
because they’re married?
Fritz Sauer
Fritz Sauer 12 dagar sedan
0:52 do I hear a wither?
:Waffle_Studio: 12 dagar sedan
Can you teleport when your stuck in those bungeestuff?
Lydia Tilley
Lydia Tilley 13 dagar sedan
My form of relaxation: Listening/watching Lizzie play X Life while drawing in my journal or playing Minecraft.
Alpha Stout
Alpha Stout 13 dagar sedan
Back then Lizzie: I HATE YELLOW Now Lizzie: wow yellow is the second best color
JAYLENE KURTZ-RIOS 13 dagar sedan
When Lizzie Said "YOI!!" when the skinny thing attacked I'M LAUGHING SO HARD RN 😆🤣😂🤪
Melody Gaither
Melody Gaither 13 dagar sedan
U should name one of ur sheep _jeb with a name tag
Sophea Ouch
Sophea Ouch 13 dagar sedan
yes it would be a sin to have no Stich art
Lukie Crazy
Lukie Crazy 13 dagar sedan
iPanda 13 dagar sedan
Why didn't you warp scroll there?😂
romapie jr
romapie jr 13 dagar sedan
It’s 3:40 am right now, and I should probably be asleep, but I’m not, so I’m watching this.
KryptoKnight_Ace 14 dagar sedan
i only watch this for entertainment the other youtubers arent as entertaining
Sheaquan Moore
Sheaquan Moore 14 dagar sedan
Justin Shrader
Justin Shrader 14 dagar sedan
He said bebe and I got 😶😶😶
You Yes you
You Yes you 14 dagar sedan
Max Morgan
Max Morgan 14 dagar sedan
Scott's shop stonks dropped down to zero
tayto demon
tayto demon 14 dagar sedan
I love stitch too ! I can imitate him as well
Redstone is gud
Redstone is gud 14 dagar sedan
Howzabout obsidian tools?
{Gacha Milx}
{Gacha Milx} 14 dagar sedan
Me realizing something with the mob farm: LIZZIE THIS MEANS INFINITE FAIRY LIGHTS
Julia Parker
Julia Parker 14 dagar sedan
She should have used her warp scrolls
Janess Chng
Janess Chng 14 dagar sedan
Mini jac O lanter look like a creper
Sadie G
Sadie G 14 dagar sedan
You are hiding in from Jole
Bluexboba 15 dagar sedan
I need Lizzie for my house decor
Daniya Jilani
Daniya Jilani 15 dagar sedan
they are cute
Eclipse_Afton 15 dagar sedan
Oh no Lizzy -_-
Zoe Banks
Zoe Banks 15 dagar sedan
Lizzie: It's a secret room!!! Also Lizzie: Its a secret room!! Me: Wait.. What room are you in now?!!! Might as well make a SECRET WORLD.. oh no.. Shes going to do it isn't she.. 😂😂
v l
v l 15 dagar sedan
Do you like cats
ッ• astroberri •
ッ• astroberri • 15 dagar sedan
"Everything will be fine, see everythings fine!" 7 seconds later "THIS IS NOT WHAT I HAD PLANNED TODAY"
Deborah Cain
Deborah Cain 15 dagar sedan
Dog in nether is called a hell hound
Danica Waggoner
Danica Waggoner 15 dagar sedan
Remember 2 years ago lizzie said she hates yellow when she was building her mermaid castle but now her basement complete yellow lol
Anime Fan
Anime Fan 15 dagar sedan
You could've saved a life by a warp scroll •~•
nora v
nora v 16 dagar sedan
Eat fresh at Subway
Eat fresh at Subway 16 dagar sedan
Me: Peacfully watching video Adds: NOT TODAY HAHAAA
「angel」 16 dagar sedan
"See, everything's fine!" - Famous Last Words of Lizzie
Delores Bowsky
Delores Bowsky 16 dagar sedan
Well that sucks
Brittany McGregor
Brittany McGregor 16 dagar sedan
Like and sub
Emata 16 dagar sedan
What Mods do u have in Xlife??
Priscilla Diaz
Priscilla Diaz 17 dagar sedan
Love it so much
Erica Knapp
Erica Knapp 17 dagar sedan
5:10 "A Skinny Floating Black Dog?" -LDShadowLady July 2020. (ITS A SKELETON HORSE)
GachaFriends WithCookies
If her friends watched her videos then they would know about the basement's secret room XD
thiriwint. shari
thiriwint. shari 17 dagar sedan
I love the crafting place it's so cute
Rebecca Rudge
Rebecca Rudge 17 dagar sedan
Your the best
Jazz Sneth
Jazz Sneth 17 dagar sedan
This is literally my favourite series ever omg I can’t stop watching it
Daisybell Donald
Daisybell Donald 17 dagar sedan
Lizzy why didn’t you just warpscroll with you were stuck?
•Mango Melon•
•Mango Melon• 17 dagar sedan
I love the way she says “lasso” 😂❤️✨🥺 “lassoo”
Daphne Johnson
Daphne Johnson 18 dagar sedan
“Are you ok my dude” haha 6:18
Marcus Geske
Marcus Geske 18 dagar sedan
Anyone freezin your eggs outside
Clara Goham
Clara Goham 18 dagar sedan
can u pls make more pls
Joline Nyman
Joline Nyman 18 dagar sedan
i play minecraft to and I am from England too. I love your house
Erica Naidoo
Erica Naidoo 18 dagar sedan
Love the videos
opal the ghost :3
opal the ghost :3 19 dagar sedan
Thanks for making me laugh Lizzie. Now keep doing it, so I can show my friends your videos so they’re less depressed.
vila thomas
vila thomas 19 dagar sedan
Ok so this is gonna be a green theme. In mind: ya this is green I’m like girl this is yellow
lxvleyrblx 19 dagar sedan
anyone know what shader she uses
Shravya Vyas
Shravya Vyas 19 dagar sedan
Sabbath Sinai
Sabbath Sinai 19 dagar sedan
Lizzie where is your kitchen XD?
Angelina Gonzalez
Angelina Gonzalez 19 dagar sedan
Dodie Mckay
Dodie Mckay 19 dagar sedan
Woah you okay my dude Blaze:When they ask you how you are and you just have to say I’m fine but your not really fine
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