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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
Today I'm enacting my revenge on Jacksucks.
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Ashley Cai
Ashley Cai 2 timmar sedan
Well HMM I’m not Surprised...
Sydney Beath
Sydney Beath 3 timmar sedan
If she had have killed herself it would kill him. She did not have to go that far.
daisy avq
daisy avq 13 timmar sedan
Mikayla Lau
Mikayla Lau 23 timmar sedan
Rehaan Irfan
Rehaan Irfan Dag sedan
Are you British
barbacotia Dag sedan
I waited and then I decided I wanted to wait for that to be more and now there’s only like two more
crafties Dag sedan
Very bad with jack😂😂😂😂😂😂
hshong22 Dag sedan
Lol 😂 🤪🤪😜😝😝
Gabriela Kossi
Gabriela Kossi Dag sedan
house outside🎆🎇✨🎀house inside🍫😈👻☠
Kyra Brielle
Kyra Brielle Dag sedan
pls do more witch videos
Claire Mabbett
Claire Mabbett Dag sedan
You should name a pet wiggles
Cool Girl
Cool Girl Dag sedan
Fofinha Blox
Fofinha Blox 2 dagar sedan
Omg you and bidiful
Clare Fife
Clare Fife 2 dagar sedan
I love thecother outfit
Rebecca Cate
Rebecca Cate 2 dagar sedan
this is why im subscribed
Ariana Chowdhury
Ariana Chowdhury 2 dagar sedan
;can you pots more vids
Rhys Fagan
Rhys Fagan 2 dagar sedan
How could u!!!
Shane Jhamelle Toor
Shane Jhamelle Toor 2 dagar sedan
island getaway
island getaway 3 dagar sedan
Lizzie’s intro and voice really do be hitting diff on a rough day
Erwin haji
Erwin haji 3 dagar sedan
Did anyone even notice that her hearts are now 7 and it's heart Colors is yellow ;-;?
Turtle Cutie
Turtle Cutie 3 dagar sedan
It’s kinda sad that she never actually killed him by dieing
TeagzMayxoxo 3 dagar sedan
Love how Jack wanted Lizzie sacrificed like Esmarelda from Hunchback of Notredam (well, close) And Lizzie killed him like Hansel and Gtretal, Lovely deaths
Ariana Grande is queen of pop
Lizzie: this man's a psycho! Also Lizzie: So in case I didn't make it clear already, "my plan is to kill jack"
Anything Amaria
Anything Amaria 3 dagar sedan
I’m the biggest fan of LDSHADOWLADY! We are the the LD TEAM!!!!!
squirrel fam
squirrel fam 3 dagar sedan
Cute Animal lover!
Cute Animal lover! 3 dagar sedan
*so incase I didn’t make it clear....my plan is to kill Jack*
Dang 3 dagar sedan
Lizzie: Ive killed him! Me: The curse has been broken
Kabita Sahu
Kabita Sahu 3 dagar sedan
nice video
Ava Levi
Ava Levi 3 dagar sedan
Lizzie I did *boop* the like button because I enjoyed this
ae Maira
ae Maira 3 dagar sedan
lizzie: this man is a psycho! also lizzie, build a candy house of death, and baked jack in the oven. ~lizzie died~ lizzie: it was worth it
IamYashvi 3 dagar sedan
Kristin plays mincraft
Theresa Rose
Theresa Rose 4 dagar sedan
Lizzie you should do a series were you and all your friends live in the same house. Specifically the one smallish Beans made the one with seven floors
Victoria Kim
Victoria Kim 4 dagar sedan
You should make Genshin Impact videos
Mad Maniac
Mad Maniac 4 dagar sedan
so im new to this and i dont understand why she dies
Emily Norfolk-Thompson
her plan would have gone much better if in the fake will she was the one who carried out his will so no one would find out about the will being fake.
Tawnee VISION 5 dagar sedan
Can I be in your next video please I’m a SEloskr but I only got Minecraft education edition please!!!! I’m a big fan!
Jedutki J
Jedutki J 5 dagar sedan
To fix a hiccup drink water ;)
Christine Lee-Roth
Christine Lee-Roth 5 dagar sedan
Lizzie: at least jack will get his exercise Me: BAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA
mahi sri
mahi sri 6 dagar sedan
I got name Ideas but I am late ;-; my ideas are Clover, Maple, Cinnamon (my dogos name), Winter, Rosie, Ari, Journey, Pierce, Lucky(black cat), Finn (minecraft dogos name), Mocha, Nightmare, Arundhati(Morning star), Autumn and finally Aurora. Srry for so many name ;-; :
Whitney Jones
Whitney Jones 6 dagar sedan
Cupcake pandagirl
Cupcake pandagirl 6 dagar sedan
Only ldshadowlady: were going to kill someone also ldshadowlady: makes it cute
Unicorn Arya
Unicorn Arya 6 dagar sedan
Or is it a mod
Unicorn Arya
Unicorn Arya 6 dagar sedan
Do you use a different AppStore do you just get them Lizzie?
•bluemixk• 5 dagar sedan
Its modded minecraft
Ian Godburn
Ian Godburn 6 dagar sedan
Lizzie I love everything you build but this time I think you should build a rainbow house
Amkera Bangura
Amkera Bangura 6 dagar sedan
Lizzie: REVENGE also Lizzie: oh wait if he dies I die!! Lizzie: *dies*
Ann Lorraine Failogo
Ann Lorraine Failogo 6 dagar sedan
What minecraft is yours plz tell me please 😇😇 I need to bownload it plz tell me 🥺🥺😔😔😔😔
Julie McDonald
Julie McDonald 6 dagar sedan
Lizzy had Jack for dinner
Nathan Cichon
Nathan Cichon 6 dagar sedan
I ain’t like chocolate or candy
Rhaya William
Rhaya William 6 dagar sedan
how rude lizzie
CøøkïêPlâys 6 dagar sedan
Yeyyy episode 21 im so honoured to watch this💖😌✋
Skie Arsenault
Skie Arsenault 7 dagar sedan
the way that 548794637843 felonies are committed on this server hourly
ItsElfy Winter
ItsElfy Winter 7 dagar sedan
Not Lizzie saying "Loli's"
Zoey Lonewolf
Zoey Lonewolf 7 dagar sedan
+ he was so clueless
Zoey Lonewolf
Zoey Lonewolf 7 dagar sedan
LDShadow lady- "It was worth it" I started Laughing
xploshion 7 dagar sedan
who else thought that was kind of rude to kill him...
* Q U E E N L U N A *
* Q U E E N L U N A * 7 dagar sedan
i have a feeling the series is gonna end soon
eung yang
eung yang 7 dagar sedan
The vast dish conservatively cross because barometer consquentially signal regarding a elderly bangladesh. amazing, three grade
Roma Krueger
Roma Krueger 7 dagar sedan
It was worth it -LDshadowlady 2021
Isabelle Raiss
Isabelle Raiss 7 dagar sedan
Lizzie: I was actually just baking a cake! You can hear her smirk when she says that! :D “It was worth it”😎
Someone Someone
Someone Someone 8 dagar sedan
Someone Someone
Someone Someone 8 dagar sedan
You forgot that your life was connected to his life
Tigerkingx Hello
Tigerkingx Hello 8 dagar sedan
Hmmm candy house bakeing in oven HHHHH JACK AND JILL
xhoki 8 dagar sedan
this is cruel. But entertaining.
•dreaming about ella•
when she realised that she was gonna die to i was like “FINALLY YOU REMEMBERED”
Karina Tergerson
Karina Tergerson 8 dagar sedan
Lizzy: "There, I think that's a pretty convincing forgery" The book: "jack's will.. by LDShadowlady" Me: yes, very convincing indeed XD
Apple 8 dagar sedan
Title: Revenge Me: Satan?
Avery Meyers
Avery Meyers 8 dagar sedan
Lizzie: so I’m going to lure him into a candy filled house I to the forest and bake him in an oven. *literally a millisecond later*: so I’m going to pick a nice spot in the forest...
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming 8 dagar sedan
You rock queen
François Zambou
François Zambou 8 dagar sedan
Hannah Christman
Hannah Christman 8 dagar sedan
So worth it a lizzie
Mia Belle
Mia Belle 8 dagar sedan
Well........ That was an adventure
Artsy Jane :3
Artsy Jane :3 8 dagar sedan
You should of burned his will and kept the fake one!!!
HoneyBunny RP
HoneyBunny RP 8 dagar sedan
I love your videos and I will never get old of them
aola wili
aola wili 8 dagar sedan
well i now lizzy will die of jax soo lizzy u have a bad idea to make that posion well done!
Khanh Cu
Khanh Cu 8 dagar sedan
Love ur vid
aola wili
aola wili 8 dagar sedan
“I’ll bake him in an oven”- Lizzie 2021
claudia 8 dagar sedan
I kinda like the new outfit lizzie got, like so she keeps it
Lotte Creemers
Lotte Creemers 8 dagar sedan
Me A with: ‘Yes, that is how I get rid of people.’ 😂
ThePhoenixStxrm 8 dagar sedan
All I can say is: F.
Joie Beltran
Joie Beltran 8 dagar sedan
Man Lizzie can be scary😂 when she was talking to jack, it kinda scared me a bit
Sophia Bennett
Sophia Bennett 8 dagar sedan
Me and my brother are your biggest fans we love your videos!
Sofasogood 2540
Sofasogood 2540 8 dagar sedan
I like how her outro is a song from just shapes and beats
Camila Garcia
Camila Garcia 8 dagar sedan
Lizzie please MORE episodes
Luna Janzen
Luna Janzen 9 dagar sedan
I love how Lizzie decorates the house so cute but inside there’s just a death trap in it
Vibbley y
Vibbley y 9 dagar sedan
Any one else notice something weird bc after she said "and I'll bake him in a oven" an add about cookies came up XDDDDDD
Vibbley y
Vibbley y 9 dagar sedan
REPLY PLEASE XD sorry Jacksucksatlife
AVBUNNY UwU 9 dagar sedan
When u watch episode 22 before 21 TvT
Noah Walsh
Noah Walsh 9 dagar sedan
Shocker8140 9 dagar sedan
You made 1 flaw with the will it says by LDShadowlady not JackSucksAtMC
doire aintu
doire aintu 9 dagar sedan
cakes all you need is a crafting table and ingredeantas
Mikan Tsumki
Mikan Tsumki 9 dagar sedan
Wait she’s the new mom Isabella
Ella Rose
Ella Rose 9 dagar sedan
“I’ll bake him in an oven”- Lizzie 2021
Luiza Tofan
Luiza Tofan 9 dagar sedan
well i now lizzy will die of jax soo lizzy u have a bad idea to make that posion well done!
doire aintu
doire aintu 9 dagar sedan
Lizzie you could have signed the book so it said Jacksucksatlife not LDshadowlady lol 😂
Zaikungi Zaii
Zaikungi Zaii 9 dagar sedan
Why is my wifi so stupid and lazy!???!
_______ 9 dagar sedan
Bruh half of the videos are just her reading a book and writing a book :/
吴艺晶 9 dagar sedan
gamerboy87 9 dagar sedan
i asked my 3 yr old what is a good yellow candy she said legos im dieing
Ella Tiskute
Ella Tiskute 9 dagar sedan
I love you !! I watch you every day ❤️❤️
Lemon Buni
Lemon Buni 9 dagar sedan
Why does she make murder look so cute
Sleepiee. noodles
Sleepiee. noodles 9 dagar sedan
I like how when she needed to write the fake will she immediately said that all his diamonds are her’s , that sounds like me tbh
Maya's Fun Kids
Maya's Fun Kids 9 dagar sedan
Make your own will
Star course stables
Star course stables 9 dagar sedan
You forgot the gingerbread man
Crafting Square
Crafting Square 9 dagar sedan
I Love This girl