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I had so much fun editing together some of these fun clips from my Among Us twitch streams! I am terrible at this game, please give me some tips.
SMALLBEANS: selosk.info
Juicy: www.twitch.tv/CptJuicy
Oli: selosk.info
Dave: selosk.info
Joey: selosk.info
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Seapeekay: selosk.info
Corpse: open.spotify.com/artist/7yntSJ6uojO3z6GFUVwhAW?si=ePe-hsnsS3O70FTEnP7wJg
jvckk: www.twitch.tv/Jvckk
Scott: selosk.info
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Vixella: selosk.info
Zeuz: www.twitch.tv/kryticzeuz
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Investigations by Kevin MacLeod
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The Builder by Kevin MacLeod
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License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod
Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3358-amazing-plan
License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod
Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4383-sneaky-adventure
License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4384-sneaky-snitch
License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Scheming Weasel (faster version) Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Andrew Pinsent
Andrew Pinsent 7 timmar sedan
i lo
soph H
soph H 14 timmar sedan
This is where my corpse addiction started.....
Craig Tomlinson
Craig Tomlinson 18 timmar sedan
lizzie tips dont keep killing
Majid Ali
Majid Ali 19 timmar sedan
Mikayla Lau
Mikayla Lau 23 timmar sedan
Nicole Josephs
Nicole Josephs Dag sedan
The elderly satin suddenly use because wrecker gully pick following a unequaled kenya. thundering, makeshift cup
can you please do more 100 days in minecraft plz
Uniquicy 2 dagar sedan
I love how she doesn't have one of those huge things that come up whenever somebody subscribes to her. ❤
Brown Long
Brown Long 2 dagar sedan
Chloe Nguyen
Chloe Nguyen 3 dagar sedan
oli was sus cause he said ummm i was doing upload or download and corpes voice is so deeeeeeep
Alexa Arias
Alexa Arias 3 dagar sedan
Is it just me or once youtubers played among us it just got popular like it started 3 years ago I think?
Destin Gaia The Explorer of WOW DESTINATIONS
Hi LDShadowLady Im your fan I have a request can you play Roblox and Shout out please
Liam Roberts
Liam Roberts 3 dagar sedan
I want to have Corpse’s babies.
Alice Kirk
Alice Kirk 4 dagar sedan
Lizzie i love your hair.
Sofia Bargueiras
Sofia Bargueiras 5 dagar sedan
lizzie looked sooo cute in this vid
Hana Havlíková
Hana Havlíková 5 dagar sedan
“I will pretend to do some tasks” first task UPLOAD... not suspicious at all xddd
XxcherryblossemxX 5 dagar sedan
Corpse and LIzzie being imp Two different personalitys A epic duo
Erin Lynch
Erin Lynch 8 dagar sedan
i love your hair
Erin Lynch
Erin Lynch 23 timmar sedan
Scarlett Zelya
Scarlett Zelya 8 dagar sedan
Can you do more sims 4 videos?
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming 8 dagar sedan
You rock queen
xXLeah CoffeeXx
xXLeah CoffeeXx 8 dagar sedan
Lizzy ur’e seriously my Idol!! I now have a channel so I can like ur’e vids☁️🤗
Esther Mtika
Esther Mtika 8 dagar sedan
Can you do a video for me please😢
Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown 9 dagar sedan
Lizie I normally would do a kill and jump into a vent and wate untill thay report it and say I was is in o2
Skyblues224 9 dagar sedan
It's not murder if they're guilty. Wise words of Lizzie 2020
Jamilah Ayu
Jamilah Ayu 9 dagar sedan
Corpse sound is like a corpse
Chloe Clark
Chloe Clark 10 dagar sedan
Lizzie: ok so i want to stay with the people i know. my brain: hmm Lizzie well think about it for a hot second... you know every one your playing with.
Chloe Clark
Chloe Clark 10 dagar sedan
Why does the "Dont Be Suspicious A Dont Be Suspicious" metch her so well, maybe its cause she sang oh baby baby idk what its called 🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂
Abbas Hussainvi
Abbas Hussainvi 10 dagar sedan
"Not murder if they're guilty" -lizzie 2020
Sootie209 10 dagar sedan
Erlyn Parkesit
Erlyn Parkesit 10 dagar sedan
Wait what ur married?
Cecilia Cooke
Cecilia Cooke 10 dagar sedan
"It is nit murder if they're guilty" XDXDDXDXDX
Cecilia Cooke
Cecilia Cooke 10 dagar sedan
Everybody else trying to defend themselves: "NO IT WASN'T ME!" Lizzie: "yes that did happen XD"
ᴄʜʟᴏ ᴄʜʟᴏ
ᴄʜʟᴏ ᴄʜʟᴏ 10 dagar sedan
The Noob Gamer king
The Noob Gamer king 10 dagar sedan
Your pink hair is better
siam valte
siam valte 10 dagar sedan
Among us is not popular any more
Rylee Turner
Rylee Turner 11 dagar sedan
Me: thinks corpse is darthvator when he talks (I don’t know how to spell that word) ♡
hi sisters
hi sisters 11 dagar sedan
you make me laugh and smile everyday lizzie!
LeilaBlossoms 7
LeilaBlossoms 7 12 dagar sedan
IM YOUR 9th SUBSCRIBER - btw can i have a shout out?
Little in The middle
Little in The middle 12 dagar sedan
Bro I wasn’t paying attention to anything so when Corpse talked I got so scared I was like who there!
Charlene Davis
Charlene Davis 13 dagar sedan
Lizzie:ohhhh~ Joey~ oh no he gone- Me:*dieing from the her saying that* Also me:*dieing the whole video*
Nathy Kolling U-U
Nathy Kolling U-U 13 dagar sedan
Lavanya Mishra
Lavanya Mishra 14 dagar sedan
Lizzie : don’t be suspicious don’t be Your very first task was suspicious.
Cheryl Burnett
Cheryl Burnett 14 dagar sedan
What’s the cat for
John Robert Eleccion
John Robert Eleccion 14 dagar sedan
Iizzie wow
Lorraine Andrews
Lorraine Andrews 14 dagar sedan
Omg i was so scared when lizzie found a body and got shut in!
caroline hathway
caroline hathway 14 dagar sedan
I like when she is like don't be suspicious
Alvin Agustin
Alvin Agustin 14 dagar sedan
LeafxLuna 15 dagar sedan
There's no way that this was posted 5months ago..
Eyyy Sibling check
Eyyy Sibling check 15 dagar sedan
Corpse: I was at the top middle me : wha- why is his voice sound like someone from the creppypastas
Black Boii
Black Boii 15 dagar sedan
At start you messup
Latifa Almarzooqi
Latifa Almarzooqi 15 dagar sedan
I knew Lizzie knows kathrine cuz when she did 100 nights in Minecraft she did the same as lizzie
Edward Luke Paulin
Edward Luke Paulin 15 dagar sedan
The face Lizzie makes is my face when i'm imposter and when i kill and nobody suspects me
Alberte Hejlesen
Alberte Hejlesen 15 dagar sedan
Hello all
Andrew Beezley
Andrew Beezley 15 dagar sedan
why is corps voice so deep?
Zenc 15 dagar sedan
that’s literally just like asking “why does this person have brown hair”
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown 15 dagar sedan
Why is Corps voice so low
SimoneNaomi 15 dagar sedan
lizzie is soo pretty like if you think same
Andrea Davis
Andrea Davis 15 dagar sedan
I love your hair lizzie
CamFam 16 dagar sedan
Your butterfly Ldshadowlady. And I love you so much.
SleepyPanda 16 dagar sedan
Did Anyone Saw The face Of lizzy When She Was a crewmate at 9:10 ?😂🙄
Midnight Horror of heaven
Lizzie you can’t kill the people who accused you bc then they gonna be sus of you
Kylle G_
Kylle G_ 16 dagar sedan
Corpse: deep voice “where was the body?” (Just pretend joey is rlly shocked by corpse’s voice) joey: wowww deep voice u got there! Meh: oh rlly maybe my grades are more lower than that shit LOL XD
Samar Fatima Khan
Samar Fatima Khan 16 dagar sedan
Be Muslim if you want..
Delibas Elisa
Delibas Elisa 16 dagar sedan
Chelle 17 dagar sedan
I got told that you were dead for years ago-
Happyd7689 Fat my face
Happyd7689 Fat my face 17 dagar sedan
BRUH U SAID SPACE SHIP why!!!!!!!!! 😫
Nathaniel Cacayan
Nathaniel Cacayan 17 dagar sedan
The upload task is in admin
REEYAY 17 dagar sedan
Why is everyone talking about corpse this is lizzie's channel baboons 😑
Melissa Howe
Melissa Howe 18 dagar sedan
Y’all here her fart Or did someone laugh
Olivia Laca
Olivia Laca 18 dagar sedan
Omg I am not a corpse simp but omg his voice!!!
Summer Evans
Summer Evans 18 dagar sedan
Hi Lizzie 💜 I wach your videos all the time I will leave a like see ya bye
Crazy Totsbear.
Crazy Totsbear. 18 dagar sedan
(This means no harm before you read this comment!) Everybody’s voice:📈📈📈🧸🎈 Corpse:📉📉📉🪄🔒
SLDShrink 19 dagar sedan
Oh hey Scott just so I have card in admin oh I can kill him Joel comes inAnd reports the body
sprinkle_moon 19 dagar sedan
I love your videos :D I'm working on a drawing of you
cdrollins 19 dagar sedan
Corpse sounds like Batman lol
Shravya Vyas
Shravya Vyas 20 dagar sedan
Adri Shultz AJPW
Adri Shultz AJPW 20 dagar sedan
Love your vids! 👏
Anangelina Alatorre
Anangelina Alatorre 20 dagar sedan
Gracielle La Torre
Gracielle La Torre 20 dagar sedan
GOD Corpse's voice sounds so creppy I'm shaking right now oooo
Tia Lloyd
Tia Lloyd 20 dagar sedan
Pls make an updated set up tour!!
Angela Arce
Angela Arce 20 dagar sedan
Her first mistake: she did upload in admin before doing download 😭
QC 22 dagar sedan
Love these among us videos please make more! :)
efficacious emmie
efficacious emmie 22 dagar sedan
Lizzie: plays don’t be suspicious Also Lizzie: is faking upload before doing download
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 22 dagar sedan
People not voting for Corpse because of his deep and intimidating voice *People also not voting for Lizzie because her voice is so high and innocent*
Katsuka-Chan Dag sedan
sHOtOOoOooOOooOoo -Endeavor
the_Lena _girl
the_Lena _girl 6 dagar sedan
Ali Talei
Ali Talei 22 dagar sedan
Play More among us
UnnaphitTH 22 dagar sedan
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grizzylove style
grizzylove style 23 dagar sedan
I love your voice
Ima unicorn6000
Ima unicorn6000 23 dagar sedan
Wow green killed when lizzy
Keyra-Khaleef World
Keyra-Khaleef World 24 dagar sedan
Oh haha haha go ldshadowbowLady
Summer Bell
Summer Bell 24 dagar sedan
What mods do you use?
Charlotte G
Charlotte G 24 dagar sedan
All the teen girls simping for corpse’s voice :3
Emmalene Gotlibowski
Emmalene Gotlibowski 25 dagar sedan
I love you accent omg
Samantha 25 dagar sedan
How did anyone not notice she was uploading in the beginning😂
Pastel gamer 1
Pastel gamer 1 26 dagar sedan
Are they Radom people
Mieke Bestbier
Mieke Bestbier 26 dagar sedan
mel bruzzano
mel bruzzano 26 dagar sedan
Fun fact: don’t kill the person that accuses you taht will make you sus not being rude lol love you Lizzie ☺️
Gamer Girl121
Gamer Girl121 26 dagar sedan
Gamer Girl121
Gamer Girl121 26 dagar sedan
Info Gain
Info Gain 26 dagar sedan
What a excuse lizzie XD
Rampage!  | Roblox Murder