Pandas! | Ep. 5 | Minecraft X Life SMP 

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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21 jun 2020



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LDShadowLady 8 månader sedan
I take a break from being a Minecraft Lawyer to research Pandas.
Pink Puppy
Pink Puppy 4 timmar sedan
I think that the tree house thing right, you made him the panda research sanctuary looks really good.👍👍😎🐼🐼🐼🐼
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson 4 dagar sedan
ネコKitty 6 dagar sedan
Pandas Minecraft 2020-
Ella Rose
Ella Rose 10 dagar sedan
Love ya Lizzie!
Gacha Chloe C
Gacha Chloe C 10 dagar sedan
I have made this comment 10,000 likes
gooey blueface
gooey blueface 4 timmar sedan
the fact that her book say pandas dont exist from page like 9 to page 14 and she found one lol
Albino Blakk
Albino Blakk 18 timmar sedan
My daughter watches your videos a lot
Kaydence Panton
Kaydence Panton Dag sedan
*LASSOO* -LDShadowlady
Kara's Toy Community
Her: "It looks kinda weird." Me: "welp its better than anything I've ever built!"
Ance Raņķevica
Lizzie's book be like: pandas don't exist 1000x times
LDshadowlady-pandas don't exist pandas don't exist pandas don't exist pandas don't exist pandas don't exist pandas don't exist pandas don't exist pandas don't exist pandas don't exist pandas don't exist pandas don't exist Her after-pandas exist pandas do exist I report pandas do exist
five stars
five stars 2 dagar sedan
your intro has my three dream cats
Jennifer Sears
Jennifer Sears 2 dagar sedan
on one of the pages in the jounal it just said panas dont exist idk like 13 times
Din faking Granne
Din faking Granne 2 dagar sedan
Din you say ”wap-stone” XD
Evita Bergmane
Evita Bergmane 2 dagar sedan
I have ALWAYS wanted to subscribe to ld shadow lady but have to ask my mom but I love ur vids 😎
Royale Robloxian
Royale Robloxian 3 dagar sedan
Lizzie: IMA DESTROY THE BUSH FOR TRICKING ME! Also Lizzie: Actually there kinda cute- Edit: Did anyone else notice that Lizzie left her door open when she was getting the lasso?
Fredie Maque
Fredie Maque 3 dagar sedan
You mispelled center lol 😂😂😂😂
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson 4 dagar sedan
Lizzie:The secret entrance to the club only known to the members of the club. Me: Umm are you sure about that?
Nyla North
Nyla North 4 dagar sedan
I love your videos
Nyla North
Nyla North 4 dagar sedan
christianzitouni 4 dagar sedan
Omg I am a fan yaaaaaaaay
Nigel Winans
Nigel Winans 5 dagar sedan
Sag is key in a bridge❤️
Isabella Batten
Isabella Batten 5 dagar sedan
Mihika Cholkar
Mihika Cholkar 6 dagar sedan
Love minecraft
Marley Jeffries
Marley Jeffries 6 dagar sedan
That was a crab that you thought it was an aunt
the magic potato
the magic potato 7 dagar sedan
lizzie your obsessed with fairy lights
Xephrim 7 dagar sedan
The red thing in the bamboo jungle that chased you is an assassin bug
Axel Torres
Axel Torres 8 dagar sedan
Someone knows the name of the mods for the flowers and more in this series? 💕🥺
DaGalaxywolfy Clarke
DaGalaxywolfy Clarke 8 dagar sedan
Lizzy: I love these smiles I wanna cover my house with them Lukethenotable 100 days superflat: I got you
Ben-Emy Vangee
Ben-Emy Vangee 8 dagar sedan
a face screen to minecraft gaming
Jules Raney
Jules Raney 9 dagar sedan
Your panda study house amazing from the outside
Paula Esede
Paula Esede 9 dagar sedan
No one: Literally no one: Ldshadowlady: pandas don’t exist pandas don’t exist
StrawberryJam 9 dagar sedan
does anyone know what mods she uses? :')
L Legaspi
L Legaspi 9 dagar sedan
I love pandas
Rose Sedgewick
Rose Sedgewick 9 dagar sedan
Ahh Binge watching LD shadow lady (auto correct)
Lavender _ Abyss
Lavender _ Abyss 9 dagar sedan
6:21 When she said book and quill, did anyone else think she said fucking quill-
Karina Tergerson
Karina Tergerson 9 dagar sedan
"Day four, I am concerned for my sanity" - said every Texan during the week-long freak snow
Fatema Yesmin Bithy
Fatema Yesmin Bithy 9 dagar sedan
gaming time
gaming time 9 dagar sedan
Hi I'm RetroGaming01
burnt nugget
burnt nugget 9 dagar sedan
“oh gosh it’s raining” “oh no it’s raining” for some reason I laughed and this so much
Jay 9 dagar sedan
Trixic Bee
Trixic Bee 9 dagar sedan
A tree house Is the biggest threat to a tree(or any type of wood on the same wood) Like "Here hold your friends flesh that I killed" like wut-
• Bonnet •
• Bonnet • 9 dagar sedan
Make a forest for pandes
Maia Gregory
Maia Gregory 9 dagar sedan
im in love with an ostrich
Ali Skelly
Ali Skelly 10 dagar sedan
name a baby panda “LD baby Lady”
Captain Awesome
Captain Awesome 10 dagar sedan
Slimeballs look like frogs lol
Axsthetix_wolxfy 10 dagar sedan
But its akinda normal you dont found very much bc panda is extinct
Axsthetix_wolxfy 10 dagar sedan
I dont think its weird but its very cool and cute!
Lori Swank
Lori Swank 10 dagar sedan
Do you know who Azzyland is?
Mustang Playz
Mustang Playz 10 dagar sedan
did you mean laurenzside in last episode!?
Adriel Rainer
Adriel Rainer 10 dagar sedan
I had the same experience, but with dreaded CACTI. I only had two dyes left to get the achievement for all 16 colors, and I searched the whole 4/4 map +more, NO CACTIIIIII. so no achievement lol
Kim isula
Kim isula 11 dagar sedan
Ohhh that is so adorable 🐼🐼🐼🐼
Jake 11 dagar sedan
You should make a Shield to protect you cuz you almost died like 6 times
werewolf 6708
werewolf 6708 11 dagar sedan
Love a nice sag
Vikiria Nguyen
Vikiria Nguyen 12 dagar sedan
8:32 *clown noises*
destroy jaxs
destroy jaxs 12 dagar sedan
Kitty & Don
Kitty & Don 12 dagar sedan
When she killed an ocelot I was speechless..
Sebastian 12 dagar sedan
I think LDshadowlady is my new favourite SEloskr. Shes just so precious and I love her astethic! ^^
Charlotte H
Charlotte H 12 dagar sedan
I love pandas to and I love them sooooooooooooo much
Nya Smith
Nya Smith 12 dagar sedan
awwwww the tree house looks adorable
Evelyn Rodgers
Evelyn Rodgers 12 dagar sedan
Lol it’s a crab XD
Loafi 13 dagar sedan
"the buttercups heal u" Asgore: (T_T) Chara: (T_T) Asriel:(T_T) Frisk: (--_--)
Stacey Brothers
Stacey Brothers 13 dagar sedan
Did anyone notice that she teleported to her house like almost three times and...DIDNT GET A LASO????
Ellen Cole
Ellen Cole 13 dagar sedan
Lily love bud and bella tue7 💖🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🎁🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤✨✨✨✨✨✨
Bubblebee 666
Bubblebee 666 13 dagar sedan
Sophea Ouch
Sophea Ouch 13 dagar sedan
since no pandas do you think Joel will walk in and laugh at u
Sophea Ouch
Sophea Ouch 13 dagar sedan
Bamboo torch be a bononna
Alla Sorokovekova
Alla Sorokovekova 13 dagar sedan
You should make a shop that sells warp scolls
Rocco Curnock
Rocco Curnock 13 dagar sedan
She has yellow hearts from today 2021 :c
Bec Shuds
Bec Shuds 13 dagar sedan
the page at the end it says: pandas dont exest etc
li wang
li wang 13 dagar sedan
You go to google and there you search x life Minecraft. My mom is. Signing right now!
Alexa Deine
Alexa Deine 13 dagar sedan
You should have your own panda too!!
syanti dewi
syanti dewi 13 dagar sedan
Lizzie: tHis Is A DrEaM ComE TrUe... UnFoRtEnlY i'vE LosT My LasSoo... Me: that rymes
zharayah ewool
zharayah ewool 13 dagar sedan
The bamboo torches look like peeled bananas lol
Sophie Misdale
Sophie Misdale 13 dagar sedan
OMG with the butter cups make a little hut like you did in one life
Isagatchagamez 13 dagar sedan
The crab thing is a scorpion Lizzie
Jakara Doyle
Jakara Doyle 14 dagar sedan
- TIP - Pandas Sometimes Spawn on Sand(Beach’s) on Bamboo Islands
Venicssz YT
Venicssz YT 14 dagar sedan
LDShadowLady where do you search?
Szajkó Zoltán
Szajkó Zoltán 14 dagar sedan
1.16.3 ?
Scarlett Gentle
Scarlett Gentle 14 dagar sedan
Omg- you’re such a good builder!! 😄
Eric Dunaway
Eric Dunaway 14 dagar sedan
Me literlie finding 10000000000000000000000 pandas 0-0
천국의 14 dagar sedan
can someone suggest a good texture pack?
Charactor Club
Charactor Club 14 dagar sedan
I got so shocked when she saw so many ocelots but did not tame ONE to get a cat SO SHOCKED😮🐱💔
The awesome Maia
The awesome Maia 15 dagar sedan
this inspired me to make a world dedicated to panda Research and its all thanks to you and btw it’s not the first time you inspire me! your helping me live my gamer life!
madi jim
madi jim 15 dagar sedan
Is it just me or when she talks while writing ✍️ in her journal 📔 she sounds like professor snape from Harry Potter
AbsDabs 15 dagar sedan
Skeletons hide under trees in the daytime
Fred Andrews
Fred Andrews 15 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does the bamboo torches look like bananas 🍌
Livia Cottam
Livia Cottam 14 dagar sedan
Your not alone
Livia Cottam
Livia Cottam 14 dagar sedan
Tia Sanchez
Tia Sanchez 16 dagar sedan
please find more plsss
- BlueBerryPie -
- BlueBerryPie - 16 dagar sedan
Lizzy: let’s do some fencing around here Me: *takes out fencing sword*
Emata 16 dagar sedan
What mods do u have on xlife??
Minecraft_Player Player
Goddess of The Simps
Goddess of The Simps 17 dagar sedan
I like she did a rhyme *this is a dream come but unfortunately i left my laso*
StxrShine YT
StxrShine YT 17 dagar sedan
lizzie: IM GONNA KILL THE BUSHES FROM TRICKING ME also lizzie:oh they are actually kinda cute
Scarlet Daley
Scarlet Daley 17 dagar sedan
Okay so do you want some more pandas for your friend cuz I could get some I know how to make them I find them really easy but it's my secret
Scarlet Daley
Scarlet Daley 17 dagar sedan
Do you know what's funny you kind of sound like yammy
Ariplayroblox Ty
Ariplayroblox Ty 17 dagar sedan
Anna Antonova
Anna Antonova 17 dagar sedan
You could of spawned ome whith a spawn egg
Jen B
Jen B 17 dagar sedan
There’s water below the bridge
Bean, Bear and Button Videos
you should use a japanese style for your panda sanctuary!
Curse Dragon
Curse Dragon 17 dagar sedan
The multiple lines of ‘pandas don’t exist’ is like Karens saying ‘I don’t need a mask’
ghost girl
ghost girl 18 dagar sedan
I love her accent.
Cinda 18 dagar sedan
Very happy i found this series on my reccomended because i cant stop watching i love it sm
SimpllyPastel 18 dagar sedan
Isabel Blunt
Isabel Blunt 18 dagar sedan
Who's binge watching? I am I wanna finish the series today lmao.
MadWolf456 10 dagar sedan
Same LOL she’s so entertaining 😂
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