Nightmare Stables | Ep. 13 | Minecraft X Life SMP 

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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Melissa Lamb
Melissa Lamb 10 timmar sedan
You can add cobwebs
summa Wheeler
summa Wheeler 17 timmar sedan
K a m i c o o k i e :3 Oof
“And that was the last time anyone ever saw Katherine” And “All the awful things come out of here like..Jeremyism, S c o t t” we’re both my favorite! Rly funny!!
bluefox22 22
bluefox22 22 Dag sedan
Maybe the forest is cursed. I got a good scary story the baby legend in 1789 a woman had a stillbirth and its said the baby's laughs are heard in the forest to this day
P4nd4 Girl
P4nd4 Girl Dag sedan
Who thinks Lizzie should play animal crossing on her channel Ok just me got it
Chloe Mitchell Year 8
I hate the babies
Miranda Garcia
Miranda Garcia Dag sedan
i wanted her to make a skull pond but thats a cool idea of the other one :>
AmazeCraft 2 dagar sedan
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley 2 dagar sedan
I am German, and I really agree that the Word Butterfly is way more beautyful the Schmetterling 😂
Alyssa Ndati
Alyssa Ndati 3 dagar sedan
What is this video please like this vi 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾😭😭
K i w i
K i w i 3 dagar sedan
your intro never gets old ;P
Lucky Begum
Lucky Begum 3 dagar sedan
U can add cobwebs
Ozzie Waterson
Ozzie Waterson 3 dagar sedan
You should change th sign to look like its broken becuse it's old and yeah-
꧁•Its Amy•꧂
꧁•Its Amy•꧂ 4 dagar sedan
Ur German is very impressive UwU
~ Ellie The Hufflepuff ~
"And I have an Idea" Joey: Hello-
Save Me From The World, Please
These videos really are such a comforting thing for me. Thank you so much Lizzie for making them. It's really helpful, I know it wasn't necessarily intended to help people, but it really is such a giant help for my mental state. It helps me take a step back and process things in a non-harmful way and it really cheers me up when I'm feeling down to see people doing what they enjoy in such a public way.
Clariza P.
Clariza P. 4 dagar sedan
I watch this 4 times this is my 5th time
Ayaana Gupta
Ayaana Gupta 4 dagar sedan
And SCOTT be like HEY! 😤😡🤬
Mini Neji uchiha
Mini Neji uchiha 5 dagar sedan
Joey: "Scamming" Me: wait what
Lena Seidel
Lena Seidel 5 dagar sedan
OMG... I am from Germany... where can you speek German so well?😳 PS. I love youre Videos❤️
Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smith 5 dagar sedan
Anyone else getting MCD Aphmau vibes from the spooky music that played when Lizzie entered the Beware Baby Woods?
tiffbu00 6 dagar sedan
It is my name
tiffbu00 6 dagar sedan
Plz name something Makenna
Marissakyle Meek
Marissakyle Meek 6 dagar sedan
Name a animal Max
Eliza Jane
Eliza Jane 6 dagar sedan
4 hearts
Eliza Jane
Eliza Jane 4 dagar sedan
Rusty 5 dagar sedan
yes . 4 hearts , anything to add to that?? :D
smarty tarty
smarty tarty 7 dagar sedan
The purple void looks amazing!
the magic potato
the magic potato 7 dagar sedan
the horses in spooky stables are putting off the spooky vibe.
Electro 7 dagar sedan
Lizzie: I know this looks dangerous, and it is... Jimmy: Have you ever considered Jeremy and your lord and saviour?
Hinata_hyuga. 7 dagar sedan
Name one scelltrina
Lilly Newbury
Lilly Newbury 7 dagar sedan
6:42 joey in chat : hello *lizzie : ignores
Rebecca Zhang
Rebecca Zhang 7 dagar sedan
Scott is sad because of you you are evil
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds 7 dagar sedan
I was terribly angry that you didn’t call one sans.
Teresa Jenkins
Teresa Jenkins 7 dagar sedan
That riff 𝕥𝕙𝕆 𝕊𝕔𝕠𝕥𝕥 𝕕𝕚𝕕𝕟'𝕥 𝕥𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕞𝕖 𝕙𝕖 𝕔𝕒𝕞𝕖 𝕗𝕣𝕠𝕞 𝕒𝕟 𝕣𝕚𝕗𝕗
Jessica Alexie
Jessica Alexie 7 dagar sedan
theonlyivie YT
theonlyivie YT 8 dagar sedan
When I heard Ivy this was my expression: *Thats my name!! :D*
•Chaotic Kermit•
•Chaotic Kermit• 8 dagar sedan
The barn definitely looks like a real abandoned barn (talking from someone who used to own a barn and I just visited yesterday and they look identical)
Yoko 01
Yoko 01 8 dagar sedan
To much scarey a honde house.
Siegfried Lehmann
Siegfried Lehmann 8 dagar sedan
Can you talk german??
Erlinda Tenorio
Erlinda Tenorio 8 dagar sedan
calcium sans not calcium Queen
Avery Thill
Avery Thill 8 dagar sedan
The sheeps but I saw at 0:52 should be in the *PuRpLe TeAr In ThE vOiD tHiNgY*
Madeleine Murray
Madeleine Murray 9 dagar sedan
her: spooky stables. me: awwwwww a frogie chair!
Rachel Gonzales
Rachel Gonzales 9 dagar sedan
Can you name one of you’re pet. night owl
Georgia Warrell
Georgia Warrell 9 dagar sedan
U want to keep my horse gage here
Georgia Warrell
Georgia Warrell 9 dagar sedan
Awww I loved the adore cottage last ep
Joanne McLaughlin
Joanne McLaughlin 9 dagar sedan
You now what I was walking with my family in to a Forest there was a very scary thing I seen I Treehouse and it was locked there had to be someone in the Forest when we where nearly done walk we seen something green and it was connecting to some thing to go somewhere
Len Garcia
Len Garcia 9 dagar sedan
Name a your animal LDBEAN
Izuku Midoriya t h e _ B E A N
How do i be a shadow cadet-
Joseph Velasco
Joseph Velasco 9 dagar sedan
Please Name A Horse Boney Jr. Pleaseeee I Miss Mr Boney
charuda 9 dagar sedan
Is scott really that bad to you? Well, I did just watch episode 22 when he killed you but thats your fault for killing Jack sucks lol
Lunareclipse2008 10 dagar sedan
Joey in the chat: hello! Lizzie: cuts him out of the shot (6:40)
scarlett 10 dagar sedan
🤣 hahaha
Tarjei Josefsen
Tarjei Josefsen 10 dagar sedan
Omg you are sooooooooo good at building
EVA Phillip
EVA Phillip 10 dagar sedan
Sell one of the magic carpets
EVA Phillip
EVA Phillip 10 dagar sedan
Make a stables
Marisa Stanowski
Marisa Stanowski 10 dagar sedan
Could u name one of your animals deathbone thank u if u do pick this name
Ivy H
Ivy H 10 dagar sedan
I’m glad you called a hose 🐴 Ivy because my name is ivy
KR gaming
KR gaming 10 dagar sedan
Who else know that those dead horses r from the lucky block of joel In his 1st ep of x life
Ash The Gacha Cookie
Ash The Gacha Cookie 10 dagar sedan
Has anyone noticed her xp it's 336 xp like that's so much
Henlo jenny lets play games!
Cute happiness.... to a baby horror death...... 🤗🤭😦😶😐😑☠️
Hanna Garcia
Hanna Garcia 10 dagar sedan
Vid : **Flashback** Brother : **Legit wachting spogebob
Blueberry Muffin Productions
I just noticed that the dead house names could also be how they died
T R 11 dagar sedan
Ameliaplays201 11 dagar sedan
Lizzie, you can write skeleton horses without a saddle. Just a heads up.☺️
•w• 11 dagar sedan
:o Horses :D ?? I love horses !
Pearly Pie Pearly Poo
Pearly Pie Pearly Poo 11 dagar sedan
Me:Mum I'm bored Mum:go clean your room Me:ok,he he he Me:crawls into living room and watches LDshadowLady Mum:WHAT ARE U DOING Me:SHE'S OUR ONLY SOURCE OF ENTERTAINMENT MUM!!!
Pearly Pie Pearly Poo
Pearly Pie Pearly Poo 11 dagar sedan
That's how much I love Lizzies videos
Sandar Khin
Sandar Khin 11 dagar sedan
👁👄👁 👉🏻👈🏻
Ayaana Gupta
Ayaana Gupta 11 dagar sedan
I actually the love the stable colours
Movie Magic
Movie Magic 11 dagar sedan
her favorite design of her builds overgrown plants lolllllllll
Chimi tharchen Yangzom
Chimi tharchen Yangzom 11 dagar sedan
This name is
Bull Nga
Bull Nga 11 dagar sedan
A panda
Bull Nga
Bull Nga 11 dagar sedan
You sould name
Oscar Amezquita
Oscar Amezquita 11 dagar sedan
snapier1024 11 dagar sedan
Name you're horse Weather PLZ
snapier1024 11 dagar sedan
I think you should have named 1 weather :
Sassy Apple Studio
Sassy Apple Studio 12 dagar sedan
When you came up to the crafting table when you were starting to build it I saw the froggy chair and I thought to myself “ why are you so froggy chair”
Nadia Alvarez
Nadia Alvarez 12 dagar sedan
Lizzie:Gotta add leaves to everything :3
Joseph Patton
Joseph Patton 12 dagar sedan
who else saw the frog chair at 3:07 🐸🪑
Student Chloe Wyatt
Student Chloe Wyatt 12 dagar sedan
Name a dog Chloe
Zoe Banks
Zoe Banks 12 dagar sedan
Stable Theme: 🌚😈🖤🌑🎱🕒⚫⬛🆘 🕒: 3:00 Am (spooky hour) Lizzies voice: 🥰🧁🍭🍬🍿🍪🍰🍥🍨🥰
Zoe Banks
Zoe Banks 12 dagar sedan
I was thinking a name for one of the skeleton horses. What about Scara? 乁[ ◕ ᴥ ◕ ]ㄏ
JustAlodia 12 dagar sedan
🌟✨konichiwa! welcome to kohau, I will be serving you to day!✨🌟 now how many people will be in your party ? great! where would you like to sit? (upstairs or downstairs) outside or inside? ok what table would you prefer to sit on? (hibachi table, booth or table) excellent! Please follow me what will be your order ma'am/sir? alright please wait right here while i get your food ready Thank you for visiting kohau i hope you enjoyed your meal idk why I put this lol just ignore it
Nf_GamerGirl 13 dagar sedan
Lizzie: awful things come from here like Scott. Scott when he watches this video: WHAT?!!!! >:(
Nf_GamerGirl 13 dagar sedan
What’s a shadow cadet?
KirstenNotFound ;D
KirstenNotFound ;D 13 dagar sedan
Lovin the new intro!
Sophea Ouch
Sophea Ouch 13 dagar sedan
Lizzie tell me something Whenever you need help making something you just call over your husband and he does it for you even though you have enough ability to make a back garden the size of the Atlantic ocean
Jenesis Faumui
Jenesis Faumui 13 dagar sedan
You should make a lab
karyan cho
karyan cho 13 dagar sedan
Bradley Parker
Bradley Parker 13 dagar sedan
What about Bonesy you horse from one life?
nurul khaisara nurul khaira
Hey try putting glass frame and red stone so it looks like blood
romapie jr
romapie jr 13 dagar sedan
It’s now 4:41 am and I doubt I will be able to stay awake much longer. I will try to finish watching this episode but I think I will need to go to sleep afterwards.
Maegan Cox
Maegan Cox 13 dagar sedan
Name ur pony dead horse slime
Zee Law
Zee Law 14 dagar sedan
Can you name the goat leeh
Katie Sommer
Katie Sommer 14 dagar sedan
I am whaching every videos you make
livia brazeal
livia brazeal 14 dagar sedan
no one ... lizzie don't tell Joel about the gathering of unprotected chickens me be like on Joels video saying about unprotected chickens Jk i would never
Lena B
Lena B 14 dagar sedan
Name the zombie horse Emily
Lily Grill
Lily Grill 14 dagar sedan
Lizzie: If your wondering where all the bad things are coming from its here Jeremyism that wither I found over there Scott Katherine: Scott (laughing)
[Ice_ Cream Gurl]
[Ice_ Cream Gurl] 14 dagar sedan
Wait lizzie what happened to the stones and lantern things with the platform thingy infront of ur house??
Gold_Flamingstar 14 dagar sedan
Zøë Geørge
Zøë Geørge 14 dagar sedan
Name two of your pets Kali and Katie or Kiwi and Kiki
Sarah Povey
Sarah Povey 14 dagar sedan
Name luna
Sarah Povey
Sarah Povey 14 dagar sedan
Please name one Nala
Minecraft Witch Hut Makeover