LDShadowLady, Pet Detective | Ep. 9 | Minecraft X Life SMP 

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.

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KatherineElizabeth - selosk.info
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Investigations by Kevin MacLeod
Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3924-investigations
License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
The Builder by Kevin MacLeod
Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4484-the-builder
License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod
Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3358-amazing-plan
License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod
Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4383-sneaky-adventure
License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4384-sneaky-snitch
License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Scheming Weasel (faster version) Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Twitter: LDShadowLady
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Instagram: ldshadowlady
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/ldshadowlady
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25 jul 2020



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Eva Adzhamoglian
Eva Adzhamoglian 6 timmar sedan
I think you should build a pen for ur animals😁
Islem Omri
Islem Omri 11 timmar sedan
I still love that lizzie uses the song "new game" in the end of every video , pls don't change it lizzie
Lia Hollings
Lia Hollings Dag sedan
i think you should name the goat coco!!
Sophia Weeks
Sophia Weeks Dag sedan
You could make them a stable
Kimberley Guthrie
sell dem
Leah Stroj
Leah Stroj 2 dagar sedan
Name the horses and ride them!
Taya Libricky
Taya Libricky 2 dagar sedan
Make a animal amusement park!!
Namrataa Bhavani
Namrataa Bhavani 2 dagar sedan
Can we appreciate Joel and Lizzie being the cutest couple
Alura Adams
Alura Adams 3 dagar sedan
Make a farm W lil barns attached to the open lands so the horses & goat can roam around free during the day & hide away to sleep at night
Tiffany Swope
Tiffany Swope 4 dagar sedan
You should build a barn and put all your horses and your goat in the barn with your horses
Megan 5 dagar sedan
Get Jeremyd hedgehog 😌
Jack spencer
Jack spencer 5 dagar sedan
Make a zoo or farm thing where people can also adopt them for dimons or other expences
Daisy Owens
Daisy Owens 5 dagar sedan
Anyone else watch all of the x life series again in lockdown 3 ?
Daisy Owens
Daisy Owens 5 dagar sedan
And finishing it
JULIET TSE 5 dagar sedan
lizzie in the else episode you can made a pet shop!!plss i have made my own in mincraft and i have made this caruzel with the cake from base invaders!!
Geethu Sethunath
Geethu Sethunath 6 dagar sedan
lizzie I looooooooove your cannel
Mini Neji uchiha
Mini Neji uchiha 6 dagar sedan
Coco Bean
Coco Bean 6 dagar sedan
She should’ve lassoed the wither
MANDI Jester Krienke
MANDI Jester Krienke 7 dagar sedan
LD shadow lady get yourself your own fox it’s so cute I had one before and I loved it in minecraft
Aurora Hernandez
Aurora Hernandez 7 dagar sedan
Give them away for money
Mia Soto
Mia Soto 7 dagar sedan
Icycoolboy_003 7 dagar sedan
LD shadow lady:shrek watches me sleep Me:chill shrek
Aubrey Vieira29
Aubrey Vieira29 8 dagar sedan
If you ever capture a fox again put a two level fence wall because they jump very high
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum 8 dagar sedan
You should make a zoo
theonlyivie YT
theonlyivie YT 8 dagar sedan
This episode should be called: *Lizzie gets carried away with all the adorable pets she shes*
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming 8 dagar sedan
You rock queen
AH - 03CR 863429 Kenollie PS
Tame them and make them have babys!
Avery Thill
Avery Thill 8 dagar sedan
Me: *Sees Shrek* Me: :P
Madeleine Murray
Madeleine Murray 9 dagar sedan
please name the goat nibbles! i love that name
Sarah Pearl
Sarah Pearl 9 dagar sedan
:]:] 9 dagar sedan
I counted her diamonds she has 118 of them
Piper Burroughs
Piper Burroughs 9 dagar sedan
Name the goat sweetie
Rachel Gonzales
Rachel Gonzales 9 dagar sedan
Maybe you should name your Animals
Nikki the boss
Nikki the boss 9 dagar sedan
Isn’t it weird that when Joey joined the game the wither spawned that’s why he’s a witch
Karina Tergerson
Karina Tergerson 9 dagar sedan
I love how she calls it a 'lassoo' XD it's cute
gaming time
gaming time 9 dagar sedan
You should experiment the dead horses and the goat
Trixic Bee
Trixic Bee 9 dagar sedan
"Here you go, my spikey friend, You have been ✨ JEREMYED ✨" (18:17)
Neila Unicornrainbow
Neila Unicornrainbow 9 dagar sedan
Vennala Srinivasa
Vennala Srinivasa 9 dagar sedan
Can you please show how to make a xp machine
Pusheen Gaming
Pusheen Gaming 10 dagar sedan
how do I download the mod packs ur using LDSHADOWWOMAN?
Zac S
Zac S 10 dagar sedan
Make a home .
AnimeFan 10 dagar sedan
maybe you could do a shop of dead horses
Adriel Rainer
Adriel Rainer 10 dagar sedan
I see Joel’s love for naming all the animals JEREMY. I once named 300+cats Jerry and placed them on top of a village called Jerryville, sadly, they despawned and my cat village was left lonesome with only the comfort of the trees
Josh Vandelogt
Josh Vandelogt 11 dagar sedan
Get those boards I really love that how do you shadow lady can you tell me her OK if you do OK OK
moonlight 11 dagar sedan
name the goat betty
Kelly Synott
Kelly Synott 11 dagar sedan
The wither is magic and your armour is magic proof so u can’t die :)
saeheehee 11 dagar sedan
Make a stables for the dead 💀 horse 🐎
Leo Doria
Leo Doria 11 dagar sedan
Breed the goat 🐐
Mark Crase
Mark Crase 12 dagar sedan
Butterfly Phill
Butterfly Phill 12 dagar sedan
How do you make the exp farm thing?
Chantha Baker
Chantha Baker 12 dagar sedan
I love you so so much for your vd
Isla Crafts
Isla Crafts 12 dagar sedan
With you dead horses you could make a musium!
*.bútterbėañ*. U-U
*.bútterbėañ*. U-U 12 dagar sedan
LD shadow lady have you ever capture a dear for yourself I want you to name it The deer from Disney
Charity Deonaldo
Charity Deonaldo 12 dagar sedan
I have name my hamsters jemjer
Charity Deonaldo
Charity Deonaldo 12 dagar sedan
I m happy
TheProB Plays
TheProB Plays 12 dagar sedan
Imagine being taken from your house, not being able to see. You can see again, you see someone and they say... "You have been jeremy'ed."
Gymnastics Geek
Gymnastics Geek 13 dagar sedan
Isn’t it odd that every time she died it was falling from a high place
ZENPAI gaming
ZENPAI gaming 13 dagar sedan
Kill it
Amber Shaffer
Amber Shaffer 13 dagar sedan
Jeremy Rose
Jeremy Rose 13 dagar sedan
Why is my name there? HAHAHA
Elina Jin Hung Te
Elina Jin Hung Te 13 dagar sedan
Lizzie: *walks around* Also her: -spots a wither- Me: hears the sound* Is it just me or when she just spotted the wither there's this sound?
Ry O
Ry O 13 dagar sedan
he offered labour i-
Paula Lott
Paula Lott 13 dagar sedan
that intro dude LOLOLOLOLOLL
nurul khaisara nurul khaira
What if its jack
kate Bayliss
kate Bayliss 13 dagar sedan
Can u make the goat a little pixie house and then the horses like a haunted barn?
Itz_Hazel The wierdo
Itz_Hazel The wierdo 13 dagar sedan
Lizzie!? Why didn’t you capture the red bird and ask Joel if he wanted it?
Alanah Acilio
Alanah Acilio 13 dagar sedan
I really wanna know how she made Scott’s zombie spawner thing
Sri Rahayu
Sri Rahayu 13 dagar sedan
Wooo it's srek
romapie jr
romapie jr 13 dagar sedan
It’s now 3:53 am and I should be asleep but I’m not, so here we are.
Dennis_ ii
Dennis_ ii 13 dagar sedan
I think you should keep the goat and with the skeleton horses you should keep one and the rest you should sell for gold or diamonds
Cadence Lim
Cadence Lim 13 dagar sedan
U are the best lizzie. I just love you!
kirstenwong918 13 dagar sedan
Your 100 days in minecraft video is my first video I saw
Sari Artz
Sari Artz 14 dagar sedan
my first ever pet, (aka a hedgehog) name is Spiky 😭😩🥺 Too bad i had to put him up for adoption ToT
amira ahmed
amira ahmed 14 dagar sedan
Angel RamenHead
Angel RamenHead 14 dagar sedan
I only believe in love cuz of them- their so cute and wholesome
Somaye Hamedi
Somaye Hamedi 14 dagar sedan
YOU can sell the zombie and skeleton horses for dimonds
Valeria Sanchez
Valeria Sanchez 14 dagar sedan
For the horses u sould make a creepy home with pens for the different horses
Emily Kornas
Emily Kornas 14 dagar sedan
You should make a museum with the weird animals
LyricSelle Gacha
LyricSelle Gacha 14 dagar sedan
Lizzie: wow a skeleton horse Me: boneigh? Is that you?
Jojo You can still talk even though you go alhajri
You should make a zoo!
Gold8Shimmer 14 dagar sedan
My brother and grandpa calls me little goat
Lucha Lamat
Lucha Lamat 15 dagar sedan
name the dead horse cream
Connor McNamee
Connor McNamee 15 dagar sedan
•Honey-Bear• 15 dagar sedan
XD 0:05
•Honey-Bear• 15 dagar sedan
Spam click or tap
havailes 15 dagar sedan
lizzie: a huge billboard outside her base of HQ shrek and finds it weird and funny Dream smp: random pictures of George, and poorly drawn PSA posters scattering all over and everyone just got used to it
Kimberly Kephart
Kimberly Kephart 15 dagar sedan
make a sanctuary for the random creatures
The Te
The Te 15 dagar sedan
U could sell the animals
Brynn Haftl
Brynn Haftl 15 dagar sedan
I gotta say watching this series the whole Valentine’s Day made my day and now today is named LDShadowLady Day
tacoxbell 15 dagar sedan
Can u plzzz give us a video without edit in it
Alyssa Roccisano
Alyssa Roccisano 15 dagar sedan
The zombie room just had my head go “LARRY STYLINSON”
Maico Miranda
Maico Miranda 15 dagar sedan
kill demm
Jennilyn Tovera
Jennilyn Tovera 15 dagar sedan
Are you yammy? Your voice is like yammy so are you yammy?
「alxsya 」
「alxsya 」 9 dagar sedan
nope, shes not yammy
Gamer 1342 Ya
Gamer 1342 Ya 16 dagar sedan
Lizzie plz name the goat my lady or the queen
Gamer4life !
Gamer4life ! 16 dagar sedan
U should tame them and make them a house so they can live🥳
Hannah Holm
Hannah Holm 16 dagar sedan
Lizzie: not scared when she sees the wither thing on her screen Also Lizzie two minutes later: sees a goat AHHHHHH
Mike Abz
Mike Abz 16 dagar sedan
yashvi ahlawat
yashvi ahlawat 16 dagar sedan
Hi Whoa
dorothé brien gariepy
dorothé brien gariepy 16 dagar sedan
how we play this game i love it the animal are so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
The Myheria
The Myheria 16 dagar sedan
u should make baby zombie horse and baby skelly horse
Emata 16 dagar sedan
What Mods do u have in Xlife??
Joanne Facturanan
Joanne Facturanan 16 dagar sedan
Put dem in a dead farm😁
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Crazy Craft Hardcore Challenge
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