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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
Dangthatsalongname - selosk.info
fWhip - selosk.info
Jacksucks - selosk.info
Joey Graceffa - selosk.info
KatherineElizabeth - selosk.info
LaurenZside - selosk.info
LDShadowlady - selosk.info
PopularMMOs - selosk.info
Seapeekay - selosk.info
Shubble - selosk.info
RIPMika - selosk.info
Smallishbeans - selosk.info
Jimmy - selosk.info
Strawburry17 - selosk.info
TheOrionSound - selosk.info
Investigations by Kevin MacLeod
Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3924-investigations
License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
The Builder by Kevin MacLeod
Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4484-the-builder
License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod
Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3358-amazing-plan
License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod
Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4383-sneaky-adventure
License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4384-sneaky-snitch
License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Scheming Weasel (faster version) Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Twitter: LDShadowLady
Facebook: LDShadowLadyFB
Instagram: ldshadowlady
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/ldshadowlady
Check out Joel's gaming channel:
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Francine 7 månader sedan
No one: Server: Item Entities Removed
Pastel Cookie_1010
Pastel Cookie_1010 2 dagar sedan
Tre lol
Ellis Faux
Ellis Faux 2 dagar sedan
😳 ok I understand
Alura Adams
Alura Adams 3 dagar sedan
I thought I was the only one that noticed!! Guessing there was some op creatures lmao
Mark Corbillion
Mark Corbillion 13 dagar sedan
I love it:D 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘
Gaming With Me _ Ken Zie
my moon light stars
my moon light stars 6 timmar sedan
Mikela Giurlando
Mikela Giurlando 17 timmar sedan
Lizzie can I play x life too how do I get it
Eva Adzhamoglian
Wut are u going to do with the seahorse?
Trina Pinsky
Trina Pinsky Dag sedan
Love your hair
Naomi Schell
Naomi Schell Dag sedan
Kawaii captain America 2021
• PastelRosie •
Can u name a panda suki plz if you want
Callie Racette
Callie Racette Dag sedan
Can you name a panda Oreo lol
Ellie Moo W
Ellie Moo W Dag sedan
Lizzie: your supposed to be ashamed of your basement. Me: we can be reason: we don’t have one. We do have a loft which is spider infested ewww.
BoTW Geek
BoTW Geek Dag sedan
I love this server! I wish I wasn’t so late to the party! I wish I was as good as you at modding and decorating
Ričards Zustrups
Can you make a chinese style house ?
kiaradeep kaur
kiaradeep kaur 2 dagar sedan
Lizzie :thres this bueatiful place and its out of my reach Blue yree in the border : UHM BITCH WHAT AM I A ROACH-
Miranda Garcia
Miranda Garcia 2 dagar sedan
i love this series too :>
Goat Sim Guy
Goat Sim Guy 2 dagar sedan
Captain Kawii
Rebecca Fang
Rebecca Fang 2 dagar sedan
You should name one panda Lulu!
Oikawa 2 dagar sedan
I have the same house plant
midnight wolfie
midnight wolfie 2 dagar sedan
Lizzie: "Wisteria bookshelves" Me about to drink water: *stops* Kimetsu no yaiba? (Demon slayer) To anyone who doesn't know about demon slayer, it's an anime and the wisteria keeps away the demons uwu
Alaina Cottrell
Alaina Cottrell 2 dagar sedan
Hi LDshadowlady can you tell me what mods you use?
Seher621 Erkmen2d'
Seher621 Erkmen2d' 2 dagar sedan
Maybe some fairy light and fan art and make a cozy place
Eza Azlina
Eza Azlina 2 dagar sedan
jak white
jak white 3 dagar sedan
Just wanna say you can place those sea lanterns underneath Fernando so you can see him or her better
The cat Parade!
The cat Parade! 3 dagar sedan
you name an animal “ Miau-Miau “
GL1TCH G4M1NG 3 dagar sedan
your videos are great!!! i love them great job!
Alura Adams
Alura Adams 3 dagar sedan
"you're meant to be embarassed of your basement" I'm convinced that every country BUT Australia have basements
Erin Clark
Erin Clark 3 dagar sedan
hello please can u tell me how to get that standing book mod
Jo Szram
Jo Szram 3 dagar sedan
how do you do bits and bobs?
Itz_ Katie
Itz_ Katie 3 dagar sedan
“This place is so cute but it’s out of my reach” *Sadness has entered the chat*
Ozzie Waterson
Ozzie Waterson 4 dagar sedan
I thought you couldn't craft terracotta 😰 My whole life has been a lie.. But.. Now I can make a new build with it on my world!!!! :0 Btw lizzy I love your builds and Joel's
Mary Crawford
Mary Crawford 4 dagar sedan
Ally Empire
Ally Empire 4 dagar sedan
I 💗 you, keep up the good work!😊
Laylah Shopkins
Laylah Shopkins 4 dagar sedan
Filis Sami
Filis Sami 4 dagar sedan
Lizzie speaking too the pandas: Eyyyyyyyyyy how y’all doing?!❤️🌈
Felicity Harding
Felicity Harding 4 dagar sedan
Lizzie in ep. 1: OMG DIAMONDS meh dye Lizzie in ep 7: Meh diamonds OOOOOO DYE
Felicity Harding
Felicity Harding 4 dagar sedan
9:02 literally my bedroom
tony de souza
tony de souza 4 dagar sedan
Madison Samuelson
Madison Samuelson 5 dagar sedan
Your local biatch
Your local biatch 5 dagar sedan
Dahlia Henry
Dahlia Henry 5 dagar sedan
Another panda name is Kiea and Channa
IBT Official
IBT Official 5 dagar sedan
Jack spencer
Jack spencer 5 dagar sedan
You should make a sorting system one day
Maz Kwas
Maz Kwas 5 dagar sedan
On your flower wall put stringed fairy lights up
rhei 5 dagar sedan
i dont know if lizzie will read this, but lizzie should make a small hut in the wisteria forest to avoid the troubles :)
kalila Hanns
kalila Hanns 5 dagar sedan
Lizzie you are the best builder ever
mariah lapada
mariah lapada 5 dagar sedan
Can you adopt a dog🥰
Ashley Asagra
Ashley Asagra 5 dagar sedan
I can't find the fairy lights mod😭
Holly Rose
Holly Rose 6 dagar sedan
Every time Lizzie can't find something: *it doesn't exist*
Creeper Cat0930
Creeper Cat0930 6 dagar sedan
Lizzie it’s not really secret noe
Ѳ̃ficiałł Wѳ̂łves
Lizzie: let’s name this one Pandora! Me: PANDORA THE EXPLORAAAA
Silver Squad
Silver Squad 6 dagar sedan
When she was talking about Pokémon she p,aged Pokémon music
Tracy Stratford
Tracy Stratford 6 dagar sedan
You should put a gate to the panda place so they don’t excape
Tracy Stratford
Tracy Stratford 6 dagar sedan
We kind of suspect the secroot room because you showed us.
Becca Pink
Becca Pink 6 dagar sedan
I love your new house however it is bugging me how the roof is crooked on one of the sides.
Sally Nutt
Sally Nutt 7 dagar sedan
People comment on a comment Lizzie commented on everyone ME LIKE LIZZE COMMENT
A Bear
A Bear 7 dagar sedan
X life then: happy sweet world X life now: Hell. war.and death
Aurora Hernandez
Aurora Hernandez 7 dagar sedan
You should make a living room on the other side that is empty.
Bryce Blueford
Bryce Blueford 7 dagar sedan
pls name one of ur pandas oreo cuz there so yummy! plus pandas are my favorite animals!!!!
Neesha Santoo
Neesha Santoo 7 dagar sedan
...No one: server: item removed
Dora Bea
Dora Bea 7 dagar sedan
Call a brown panda moo moo!!♥️♥️
TeagzMayxoxo 7 dagar sedan
*its just a basement YOUR MEANT TO BE ASHAMED OF YOUR BASEMENT!* It had me dead-
BFFAE Gaming
BFFAE Gaming 7 dagar sedan
Anyone else dancing to the music sitting down? No? Just me.
kyoot nbl
kyoot nbl 7 dagar sedan
Is scott is the leader of everything?
• Bonnet •
• Bonnet • 7 dagar sedan
Ooo a secret bock shalf that is pretty cut everyone will not now
Froggy Queen
Froggy Queen 8 dagar sedan
Cloudy Bish
Cloudy Bish 8 dagar sedan
I love the pink retro room so cuteee
Sean Michael
Sean Michael 8 dagar sedan
waht mods are these
Pratishtha Ghimire
Pratishtha Ghimire 8 dagar sedan
No one’s is better than ldshadow Lady
Mimi Palkovicova
Mimi Palkovicova 8 dagar sedan
Hi lizzie I was wondering that by your rig you could put some stacked books and like a plate of cookies next to it
Haley Ricker
Haley Ricker 8 dagar sedan
And she said surfus lava is non existent
adorbs x bunny
adorbs x bunny 8 dagar sedan
Do you use any shaders?
Jules Raney
Jules Raney 8 dagar sedan
I love your new house
•peyton• •Clinton’s•
The new one looks the same lol 😂
Ramkumar Dhanasekaran
Ramkumar Dhanasekaran 8 dagar sedan
Here is a name for you panda Idk why but pink twinkle
Dianne Barnes
Dianne Barnes 8 dagar sedan
No one: Litraly no one: me: oh look its bob the builder 12:38
Jaw Quiamco
Jaw Quiamco 8 dagar sedan
Its like krusty krab spongebob squerpents
EllieRosey 8 dagar sedan
New sub! The first vid I watched was the 100 day challenge ur an amazing SEloskr and I luv ur videos!
Aalia’s sparkle World
Don't u realize that Lizzie looks like Lauren? She looks like her twin :o
dread reaper
dread reaper 8 dagar sedan
Captain America to kawaii America
dread reaper
dread reaper 8 dagar sedan
Ashamed? Or afraid
3 Much Ly' Ly'
3 Much Ly' Ly' 9 dagar sedan
ldshadowlady more like ldcute not funny I no do'not be rud I spelt evry thang rong
Betty Taylor
Betty Taylor 9 dagar sedan
I want to play Minecraft but u need a friends to play with 🥺
amykittyqueen 9 dagar sedan
I think the wood of your house should be brighter but not to bright
Arianna Watson
Arianna Watson 9 dagar sedan
can you use the picture link thing on xbox or is that only a pc thing?
Elisha Sucks At Art
Elisha Sucks At Art 9 dagar sedan
If you use 1.16, you can make an island using chains, string, the block of your choice, and carpet. place the blocks down, put carpet on top of the blocks, put a chain on each corner of the front of the island and put carpet on it, where there isnt chain, put string to hold it up so it looks like its floating, put carpet on it. If your on a later version, use end rods instead of chains.
gaming time
gaming time 9 dagar sedan
Hi LDShadowLady I'm RetroGaming01
Anjanie Dayan
Anjanie Dayan 9 dagar sedan
Secret chest room :>
Şýīrā UwU
Şýīrā UwU 9 dagar sedan
Me : *done one life season 2 aka one life 2.0* Also me : *begins wacthing x life* Me : yay new series... kind of oh well
zylle 9 dagar sedan
When your seahorse is a girl but you named it FerNandO
• Ze Wolff Pack •
• Ze Wolff Pack • 9 dagar sedan
You should name one the Chinese symbol for love in Chinese meaning ài, I can’t copy it in sorry also, the one named that should be a one with it’s touge out, because the pink looks like a heart :) please notice me
Charlie Rivera
Charlie Rivera 9 dagar sedan
Nobody: Me watching as the panda eats food in the corner as Lizzie bulids:👁👄👁
Rose Wanda
Rose Wanda 9 dagar sedan
Im love your house
HW 10 dagar sedan
You should name a black and white panda Oreo leave a like if you like 👍🏻it 🐼
luna_ wolf
luna_ wolf 10 dagar sedan
How do you make mods? Like I'm on my iPad eating my brain licker
Cake The L
Cake The L 10 dagar sedan
Is it just me that her house reminds me of overalls! Nope just me. Okay
Laura Gonsowski
Laura Gonsowski 10 dagar sedan
Your a great inspiration! I wish I had a Minecraft mod!
Lovleygacharoblox 2
Lovleygacharoblox 2 10 dagar sedan
Lulu Shaw
Lulu Shaw 10 dagar sedan
Can you pls name a baby panda lilly
GummieFriends607 10 dagar sedan
how do u get these mods :O
Stacey105x Zamora
Stacey105x Zamora 10 dagar sedan
Hi Queen do u have roblox
Coco Bean
Coco Bean 11 dagar sedan
I keep getting off to play bloxblurg with my sis and keep watching it starting from episode one
Hadas Milrod
Hadas Milrod 11 dagar sedan
You are the best youtuber and your my idol!!;)
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Crazy Craft Hardcore Challenge
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