Flower Fields | Ep. 4 | Minecraft X Life SMP 

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X Life is a modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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Kommentarer 100   
june Collins
june Collins 18 timmar sedan
I like how the windmill is an X for X life
Abigail Atwood
Abigail Atwood 23 timmar sedan
here i will boop the like button
Glitter Studio
Glitter Studio 43 minuter sedan
hiiii look idk I’m bored
Jeremy Shadow
Jeremy Shadow Dag sedan
it would have been funny if she made her flow field spell LD
My Practice Engine
My Practice Engine 2 dagar sedan
Did anyone else notice how long Lizzie's sugar cane is? (BTW yes I know I am very late.)
Sofia Velasco
Sofia Velasco 2 dagar sedan
She should have asked technoblade to help with farming lol.
lilly wolf
lilly wolf 2 dagar sedan
Some day you should make a house behind a waterfall! A pastel floral theme would be cute!
Cynthia Parrie
Cynthia Parrie 3 dagar sedan
Can you please make some purple rose bushes
Tami Xiang
Tami Xiang 3 dagar sedan
pandas are my favorite animals
Poppy Lewis
Poppy Lewis 4 dagar sedan
Daniel Upsidedownhouse
I know The Redstone sword before you showed me
The Vaughan’s
The Vaughan’s 4 dagar sedan
i have an ida so you could play roblox
bonpanam 5 dagar sedan
lizze can you buy me and sis mincraft
Jamie Sparkle
Jamie Sparkle 6 dagar sedan
4:39 a tree just grew in the back round
myme my
myme my 6 dagar sedan
She so pretty minecraft zombie scray
Allison Hill
Allison Hill 6 dagar sedan
How do you get these cool worlds, do your friends make these? I really want to play with my friends on worlds like this but i don't know how to make it do cool things like these.
LAWRY ROGERS 6 dagar sedan
Too cute
LAWRY ROGERS 6 dagar sedan
Lizzie:thinks she bad at mine craft Me:Gurl meet me I noob
J A 8 dagar sedan
everyones houses are so cute and the windmill looks amazing ohmygod
Jess Jones
Jess Jones 9 dagar sedan
i. liezzie🙄🙄🤗12345678910112131415161718191. 0lwas
Jess Jones
Jess Jones 9 dagar sedan
oya. oyoy😚😶😶😶😊+!!&
Jess Jones
Jess Jones 9 dagar sedan
i. loved. the! videos. i
Snowy Gacha
Snowy Gacha 9 dagar sedan
Snowy Gacha
Snowy Gacha 9 dagar sedan
2:34 that was probably one of his enchantments that makes anything that attacks you get thrown back like you have
Tokatsu 10 dagar sedan
cryinq_ skies
cryinq_ skies 10 dagar sedan
You should add a fountain for the flower fields-
Berry Blue
Berry Blue 10 dagar sedan
The waypoint gives me Japanese vibes lol
Louanna Cadogan
Louanna Cadogan 11 dagar sedan
Lady Sophia Ceniza
Lady Sophia Ceniza 13 dagar sedan
All I can say is that Lizzie's waystone area looks like a temple surrounded by purple sakura blossoms.
More xlife
Serena Groth
Serena Groth 14 dagar sedan
serene blossom but my name is serena
Teanade 14 dagar sedan
And to think this is only your 4th episode. I'm surprised
3mohans 16 dagar sedan
Lizzie: look at all of this sugar cane, I have so much. Katherine: NOPE
Harlynn Binions
Harlynn Binions 16 dagar sedan
You should do black flowers and dark green and dark grey and grey flowers
Elijah McKinnon
Elijah McKinnon 16 dagar sedan
Yass blue trees are so cool.
Bunnisket -random videos
“I would hate to die in a stripping accident” Me watching this by my mom My mom: * shocked mother noises intensifies *
Anthony Ursal
Anthony Ursal 17 dagar sedan
Is it just me or did Lizzie say purple a lot this episode
Ethan Sherman
Ethan Sherman 17 dagar sedan
Trinity Jeffers
Trinity Jeffers 17 dagar sedan
I'm not unholy
Kimia Hooshmand
Kimia Hooshmand 18 dagar sedan
OMG your right!!!
Bebe Maco
Bebe Maco 19 dagar sedan
4:40 did that tree just grow?
Jordan Thome
Jordan Thome 19 dagar sedan
that was a idie
Jordan Thome
Jordan Thome 19 dagar sedan
you sood make a flowre hoce
PHOEBE SAVVAS 19 dagar sedan
Night wolf
Night wolf 19 dagar sedan
idea: make a cute cat
Cookie world Elizalde
Cookie world Elizalde 20 dagar sedan
I want this server to play on and I want the mod pack there using
Dark • moonlight
Dark • moonlight 21 dag sedan
No one: Literally nobody at all: Me:a 3am scrolling and watching old ldshadowlady videos:
KirbyGamer145 22 dagar sedan
my best cluler is blue
Ivy Papworth
Ivy Papworth 24 dagar sedan
Your a good Minecraft player and among us
Elizabeth Noel
Elizabeth Noel 25 dagar sedan
lizzie: GASP katherine has the bLuE oNeS
Chona Bismonte
Chona Bismonte 25 dagar sedan
Lizze i have a question HoW Do I PlaY X Life
Amelia McGovern
Amelia McGovern 25 dagar sedan
Lizzie: If I die in an unfortunate stripping accident I will never live that down. Me: *Chokes and starts laughing* My asexual brain: Why is your sense of humor so sexual when you are the least sexual friend in your friend group? Me: I don't know
Jen Wyler
Jen Wyler 26 dagar sedan
Waa.... LDShodowLady:*he's got crabs*. Me:*Ummmmm,WAAAAA!?!?!?
Keri O'Connor
Keri O'Connor 27 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who saw a tree grow behind her
Tiffany McNeil
Tiffany McNeil 27 dagar sedan
I’ve been watching you for 5000 years
Katie’s Life
Katie’s Life 28 dagar sedan
Hi I have an idea for the gangs the 1 heart gang has a red name tang and the 2 heart gang has there on couleur and it continues whit the gangs!
Naturaly Ley
Naturaly Ley 29 dagar sedan
Naturaly Ley
Naturaly Ley 29 dagar sedan
Ianstewart3b 29 dagar sedan
Idea- you could sell some of your flowers and make a check out XD and get stuff you really want from people P.S this is an idea you don’t have to do it :)
Seblo D
Seblo D Månad sedan
please please please share what mods your using that is so asthetic
Rose Crime Roblox
Rose Crime Roblox Månad sedan
Lizzie : cyan flowers *scott has enter the chat (because cyan is pretty much teal/turquoise)*
If she hates crabs so much, she should burn the lasso in lava and kill it ;-;
Amy Jones
Amy Jones Månad sedan
I think that wind mill is fire in perfect you could build a barn to go with it!😸
Robyn Norman
Robyn Norman Månad sedan
deku liiife
deku liiife Månad sedan
still the baby laughs will remain a secret.....or not😏
jamiev Månad sedan
Mikas house is so cute!!
Wk Chong
Wk Chong Månad sedan
I thought the WAP scrolls...
Krishnan Sumathi
Krishnan Sumathi Månad sedan
I like your videos in the first 3 videos I saw
SydniCats Adventures
Has anyone got a fedex ad cause look in the middle of the e and x
Hannah Pearce
Hannah Pearce Månad sedan
Why so funny
Soldado de Sangre
Soldado de Sangre Månad sedan
12:30 I misheard "Sex-Life".
Rachel Senf
Rachel Senf Månad sedan
I love that one of the waystones is just called, "Drakzoirark" Whoever owns that waystone you made my Friday along with my Saturday and it's only Thursday
Kiki and Brielle panda bear squad
Her flower field looks like a dog paw
Fun with Myra
Fun with Myra Månad sedan
I don't know if u r seeing this Lizzie but if u are hi u should start a new series in which if u die the hearts u have left is the same amount of hearts u will have 4 the whole series Thank you if u r reading this plz reply if u r reading it It means a lot Love you so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🦄❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Quinlan .J
Quinlan .J Månad sedan
ah xlife before Jeremyism and the coven
Fluffer UwU kitten
Fluffer UwU kitten Månad sedan
I love the series and. Intro!
Izabella Cherryspeed
Lizzie: "lets get SOME of these purple leaves" *takes almost the whole tree.*
Ellie Green
Ellie Green Månad sedan
8:29 you... wanna rethink that sentence?
Princess Hanna Castillo
Lizzie you should make a flower cafe
Regan Thomas
Regan Thomas Månad sedan
i love youuuuuu lizzie
E Reichman-Curnow
E Reichman-Curnow Månad sedan
I love the way Lizzie says color it’s so funny and her accent is sooooooo cute
SyniahStarr Månad sedan
You should remake it as your face like in coraline !!!
The gaming Man
The gaming Man Månad sedan
I love your voice :)
Kari Allison
Kari Allison Månad sedan
Sora Kingdom Hearts
Sora Kingdom Hearts Månad sedan
I wanna know what the flower and tree mod are 😍
Elysian Club
Elysian Club Månad sedan
*gasp* he's got crabs! 💀💀💀💀
ivy roblox
ivy roblox Månad sedan
He's got ✨c r a b s✨
Delicate Blood
Delicate Blood Månad sedan
"The outrageous amount of cyan" Lizzie's pink house and place: Kay, bye
Katy Steele-Baskerville
When you have a purge in this series get lots of lassoes and capture everyone in them
Katy Steele-Baskerville
When you have a purge in this series get lots of lassoes and capture everyone in them
Katy Steele-Baskerville
When you have a purge in this series get lots of lassoes and capture everyone in them
Mahin Somthing
Mahin Somthing Månad sedan
Me: *watching Yt: wanna watch ep 15 Me: .... Yt: what about finales Me:..... damn yt why u gotta work like that
Claire Waite
Claire Waite Månad sedan
There's a tree called cherry blossom It is Pink
Illy moo
Illy moo Månad sedan
You know what, when ever you try and wait for trees to grow Scott tries to kill you.
Bee & Boo Adventures
i love how she’s so extra with everything she does
ikachu -
ikachu - Månad sedan
I feel like people will break in to your flowers for dye-..
Cori Handsaker
Cori Handsaker Månad sedan
I love your channel
Ashley Husted
Ashley Husted Månad sedan
hi LD im a big fan and i love cats to cuse your intro and i'v wanted to play with you im 8 i'v been playing minecraft wen i was 3 I LOVE YOUR VIDS and im in 2 grad
The Siu Mai
The Siu Mai Månad sedan
Did nobody relise she already used the warp scroll before this episode?
Silent Star
Silent Star Månad sedan
11:57 This is the final waystoneeee... DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO!!!!!!!