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We came up with a cool Minecraft challenge game called Base Invaders! The aim of the game is to build the best base ever to protect your skull inside. Your base can contain traps, secret entrances, puzzles, parkour, red herrings and more! Then it's time to raid the bases that we have each built, with a 5 minute time limit. How many of the heads can we collect?!
This time my base is a Disney Castle as suggested by the comments!
Oli: selosk.info
Steph: selosk.info
Lauren: selosk.info
Twitter: LDShadowLady
Facebook: LDShadowLadyFB
Instagram: ldshadowlady
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/ldshadowlady


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4 aug 2018



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Johanne Abegail Mora
Johanne Abegail Mora 7 timmar sedan
hey liz shotout plz
Carling Lutecki
Carling Lutecki Dag sedan
My favourite SEloskr isssssssssssssssssssssss.................... Lauren
Mary Jane Vargo
Mary Jane Vargo 2 dagar sedan
I don't know you know Lauren Seaside describe to her and you're best friends with her or you guys real though?
Ellie McCarthy
Ellie McCarthy 2 dagar sedan
I think she would do a winer wonderland themed base
Archana Giri
Archana Giri 2 dagar sedan
Me:*died from cuteness*
Dakshi Tiwari
Dakshi Tiwari 3 dagar sedan
You can also make a magical Cottage
Lisa Jobson
Lisa Jobson 3 dagar sedan
On your next Bace invaders show please make it a animal Disney themed castle full of puppies and Disney characters to help you and to give you quests
Isak van der Merwe
Isak van der Merwe 3 dagar sedan
Robert Lyons
Robert Lyons 4 dagar sedan
tOo DuCkS ChILiNg In a HoT TtUbBbB
Lauren 5 dagar sedan
Two ducks swimming in a hot tub. I love it. 😂
Violet Patt
Violet Patt 5 dagar sedan
make a cat house in base invaders
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis 6 dagar sedan
i feel like i would do great in your disney castle. but i must admit they do look hard, oh and im proud of you lizzie UnU
Emerson Klem
Emerson Klem 6 dagar sedan
this is the best video ever make more
Tanishka Walavalkar
Tanishka Walavalkar 6 dagar sedan
Can you make a scary base
nalie dib
nalie dib 7 dagar sedan
They could’ve taken ur items from the item frAmes that u show them
Featuring Everything
Featuring Everything 8 dagar sedan
0:41 is steph's outfit
Nicole Riner
Nicole Riner 8 dagar sedan
Puppy Pack
Puppy Pack 8 dagar sedan
0:29 did i see spongebob
Jimmy Tuemler
Jimmy Tuemler 8 dagar sedan
Seven dwarfs mine train at Disney World that was fun
Milena _
Milena _ 10 dagar sedan
2 ducks chilling in the hot TUUUB
Tayten Wulff
Tayten Wulff 10 dagar sedan
you should do a cat themed or a dog themed or COOKIE THEMED btw your awsome youtuber and never give up o your dreams
Payton Baughman
Payton Baughman 11 dagar sedan
Lizzie: staring at ollie weridly Ollie: what? lizzzie: TWO DUCKS CHILLIN’ IN A HOT TUB
Adventures With Ryleigh
What song is your favorite mine is from Rush Tom Sawyer what about you Go check out my SElosk channel it's called Adventures with Ryleigh
Mallery Goff
Mallery Goff 11 dagar sedan
the fideo was asume
范丽云 11 dagar sedan
Tom Mc dermott
Tom Mc dermott 12 dagar sedan
Do more base invaders please
Megan Halliday
Megan Halliday 13 dagar sedan
I have an idea for all of you. Since you did the spin the wheel why not do it all together and do the same as his challenge but no traps anything like that, and at the end show you designs of and we will vote which one is the best and whoever wins i don't even know what to say XDD
Sascha Niedrich
Sascha Niedrich 13 dagar sedan
I new that the oak log was ponokyo
Sascha Niedrich
Sascha Niedrich 13 dagar sedan
you should make a emoji base
Gachalover3354 13 dagar sedan
Me confused Can you tell a wolfs health bye looking at its tail👁👄👁me searching it up being a complete noob 💖👄💖at least I learnt a fact 😂😂😂
Shalini Raghavendra
Shalini Raghavendra 13 dagar sedan
omg 👁️👄👁️ that is straight from crazy craft
AthenaSo Ya
AthenaSo Ya 13 dagar sedan
What do you call a cheese that's not YOURS? Nacho cheese Say it out loud
Musfirah MallickAlpha
Musfirah MallickAlpha 13 dagar sedan
ld shadow lady u finally downloaded mincraft beta are those the sane
Lucy Robinson
Lucy Robinson 14 dagar sedan
Lizzie: we gotta shoot these chickens! Me: Wait till Joel finds out
Scarlett Millar
Scarlett Millar 14 dagar sedan
What’s the seed I want to play on it
Tanushya Sharma
Tanushya Sharma 15 dagar sedan
Laureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen and llllllddddssshhhaaadooowwlady for life
Spirit & Slush
Spirit & Slush 15 dagar sedan
Hi Ld shadow lady and theOrionSound I love your channels
Potion Gamer
Potion Gamer 15 dagar sedan
Make a stitch
Alexis Starns
Alexis Starns 15 dagar sedan
i love your hair
Pastel_ Squad
Pastel_ Squad 15 dagar sedan
un ldshadowlady i love your vids can you do a desantdents themed castel in base invadors
BunnyBuddy Forever
BunnyBuddy Forever 16 dagar sedan
Anyone else noticed that the head of Lauren in the intro on the stand had a dear wonsie?
Mahayla Jackson
Mahayla Jackson 16 dagar sedan
Can you stop saying bad words im only 8
Jay Bo
Jay Bo 16 dagar sedan
And here's one I made myself it's the Frozen lyric well one let it go with it grow let it go when it grow let it go let it go Lego Lego I love every time I seen this 😂
Jay Bo
Jay Bo 16 dagar sedan
This is a song from The lorax help can I be how bad can I possibly be how about can I be how bad can I possibly be I love that song
•Lazy Lion Mew•
•Lazy Lion Mew• 16 dagar sedan
Lizzie: two ducks chillin' in a hot tub. 😏 Me be like: you need to make a song about that on Spotify and SElosk
rhyl langdon
rhyl langdon 17 dagar sedan
You are the worst SElosk ever
rhyl langdon
rhyl langdon 17 dagar sedan
David Lolong
David Lolong 17 dagar sedan
Including the poisonous potato
David Lolong
David Lolong 17 dagar sedan
I laughed when she made the lie room because there were multiple of those that were a lie
Jeanette Pettersson
Jeanette Pettersson 17 dagar sedan
Mona Nolan
Mona Nolan 17 dagar sedan
but now it’s 2021
Mona Nolan
Mona Nolan 17 dagar sedan
it’s 2020
Dan Cummins
Dan Cummins 18 dagar sedan
You did amazing on everyone of them and yours you are hired
Patrick Lee
Patrick Lee 18 dagar sedan
when she did the merida stage i was actually singing The darn song
Luna LoveGood
Luna LoveGood 18 dagar sedan
“two ducks chillin in a hot tub“ HAHAHAHAHHAH I COULDNT STOP LAUGUING!
Brenden Wyatt
Brenden Wyatt 18 dagar sedan
Go here to watch her latest video
•That one_person•
•That one_person• 19 dagar sedan
No one: Not even me: LDShawdowLady: “TWO DUCKSS SWIMIN IN A HOT TUBBBB“
C&M G 19 dagar sedan
Amadin Wheatley
Amadin Wheatley 20 dagar sedan
All the dislikes are people who can't win Base Invaders
Megan Foley
Megan Foley 20 dagar sedan
Well I probably could’ve got yours
Mochabear 20 dagar sedan
How do you spawn people
kaira Dutney
kaira Dutney 21 dag sedan
build a palaceeeeeeeeeeee
Emily HANDLEY 21 dag sedan
Were s the description?
Jodi Ore
Jodi Ore 21 dag sedan
There is a fire escape underwater lol 😂
naveen malay
naveen malay 21 dag sedan
They could just pull the items out of the item frame and get your skull less than like two seconds or I don’t know 🤷‍♀️
Eva Misic
Eva Misic 22 dagar sedan
i like the duck
Stella Stella
Stella Stella 22 dagar sedan
Ghyhh nails
P Green
P Green 22 dagar sedan
Ann Field
Ann Field 23 dagar sedan
Name a lama lip balma 🐕‍🦺 by the way this is a clone of my dog #!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
flores family
flores family 23 dagar sedan
I love it the castle is so beautiful!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍🥳🥳
Kelly Robinson
Kelly Robinson 23 dagar sedan
Pls try Kawaii world It’s so cute pls you will love it
sarah tree
sarah tree 24 dagar sedan
I got the idea from you,me and my friends done it lol
April Davis
April Davis 24 dagar sedan
Why was a girl game named LDShadowLady
Lexie Bee
Lexie Bee 25 dagar sedan
I love how Lizzie said 2 ducks chillin’ in a hot tub
honey tea
honey tea 26 dagar sedan
Kids that love Disney watching this like : O-O
Ayda Stephenson
Ayda Stephenson 26 dagar sedan
can you make a bass that is a dog them plz
Min Nyein Naing
Min Nyein Naing 26 dagar sedan
When she said The maleficent building was maleficent I realize that was the Disney characters name hahah comment on my comment when you heard it
Min Nyein Naing
Min Nyein Naing 26 dagar sedan
It’s funny for me hah
Jamie Mac
Jamie Mac 27 dagar sedan
You really now your Disney
Lokesh Coc
Lokesh Coc 29 dagar sedan
Lizze: two ducks chilling in the hot tub me:so funny ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Pastel Cutiequeen
Pastel Cutiequeen 29 dagar sedan
Can you build a cat
Marisse Ohaylan
Marisse Ohaylan 29 dagar sedan
can you make a base from me pls cause I love your base video maybe your mincraft head in top says ldshadowlady
Anna Wilcox Szewczak
Anna Wilcox Szewczak 29 dagar sedan
yeah it is it is funny right
Jenson Taylor
Jenson Taylor 29 dagar sedan
Joker is Looking cool
Joker is Looking cool 29 dagar sedan
taptap taptap
taptap taptap Månad sedan
I'm good at drawing my drawing is so good
Angin Kalimantani
Angin Kalimantani Månad sedan
Everyone:*builds a stack of faces* Lizzie:*goes fo her own theme*
Charlie Chew
Charlie Chew 27 dagar sedan
k stop trying
Shaun Docherty
Shaun Docherty Månad sedan
Make a unicorn base for your next challenge please!
Melissa DellaCroce-Grosh
You should make one that is hell
sarah tree
sarah tree Månad sedan
its so cute well pinnocio was anyway
Shona Philippa Douglas
Wayne means child in Scottish
Shona Philippa Douglas
For merida u should of said complete me task ya wee Wayne
Jaicel Mae Singedas
Jaicel Mae Singedas Månad sedan
Plot twist: the feather was actually from donald she just pulled it out
Charlie Chew
Charlie Chew 27 dagar sedan
Thats not a plot twist
Gabriella Gomez
Gabriella Gomez Månad sedan
crazy crafttt
Lillian Standafer
Lillian Standafer Månad sedan
For the next base invaders can you build a stack of cat?
Amobeatles Månad sedan
Is no one gonna talk about how good Ldshadowladdy is at building-
Stellar Earthling
Stellar Earthling Månad sedan
"What does Mickey want?" lmao- that's a quote on Bob's Burgers. I couldn't confirm 100% but I think it's the episode, "Bob Fires the Kids".
Trevor Liam Balbin
Trevor Liam Balbin Månad sedan
For the next base cn
Walter Stoltz
Walter Stoltz Månad sedan
can you please link the other players channels love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
I watched this since 2018
zoe Willcocks
zoe Willcocks Månad sedan
Top one donald duck or dasy duck
Elisia Sager
Elisia Sager Månad sedan
2 ducks chillin in a hot tub
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