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Welcome to episode 1 of a new Minecraft multiplayer modded server series with my Minecraft SEloskr friends. You might recognize a few familiar faces from Crazy Craft 3.0, Trollcraft and One Life! We're using a new custom modpack I put together called Fun Craft, it contains many exciting existing mods aswell as a few fun custom mods made by me (with the help of Paul101). This modpack contains new dungeons, monsters, pets, bosses, weapons and tools to play with!
In this episode, I explore my new surroundings and encounter some friendly creatures... and some unfriendly creatures.
We're still adding some new players but here's the roster so far:
LDShadowLady selosk.info
Smallishbeans - selosk.info
SeaPeeKay - selosk.info
TheOrionSound - selosk.info
Yammyxox - selosk.info
JoeyGraceffa - selosk.info
Dangthatsalongname - selosk.info
Koil1990 - selosk.info
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3 mar 2018



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epic gamer
epic gamer 11 timmar sedan
Omg its John cena
Beryl Jean Gaming
Beryl Jean Gaming 21 timme sedan
Who watched all of Lizzie's series bcuz of the 2021 Quarantine
BunnyHxnny Peach
BunnyHxnny Peach 23 timmar sedan
I- I was just looking at the minecraft chat-
hayley borrowman
Asli Ercan
Asli Ercan Dag sedan
No one:Joel and Scott having an argument on who should do their intro first
Xxheather teddybearxX
i wish i could play minecraft with you and your so pretty
elena li
elena li 3 dagar sedan
Spiders won’t attack u when it daylight
K Siri Chandana
K Siri Chandana 5 dagar sedan
That is surely not minecraft
Lolia Kayyal
Lolia Kayyal 6 dagar sedan
Can you add me to run craft please !!!!!!💓
Haileigh Harris
Haileigh Harris 6 dagar sedan
Lizzie: octopi My mind: 🥧 inside octogon.
Katarzyna Adamiak
Katarzyna Adamiak 7 dagar sedan
Ultra Mario Gaming
Ultra Mario Gaming 7 dagar sedan
Lizze:IM OUT OF BLOCKS I DONT HAVE ANY BLOCKS Also Lizze *Pulls Out Block*
Rebecca Cummings
Rebecca Cummings 8 dagar sedan
How did you do that
Rachel Nash
Rachel Nash 8 dagar sedan
how did you dye your hair pink hello
Ireneusz Sokołowski
Ireneusz Sokołowski 9 dagar sedan
if you kill the spraut it will be alive it will be in your soul end thats why it will still be alive OwX
Sophie Libro
Sophie Libro 9 dagar sedan
Scott was so right when he typed, 'Nothing is safe or scared on here'
PuPPySLave Lovely Sunny dog シ
Does that mean Olie kill the little cute Pomeranian? *LEGASP*
TrickyAmazing 10 dagar sedan
“The octopus is flying out of the cave! Wow never thought I would say that” Me: I never thought I would HEAR that
Wolf Bandit
Wolf Bandit 11 dagar sedan
fuck up dude
Lilac Rose
Lilac Rose 12 dagar sedan
I'm screaming because it's too cute !!! 😍🙆😻💛❤
Donie Strube
Donie Strube 12 dagar sedan
is 2021 .
Dandylion 12 dagar sedan
Hiii! What does the LD stand for in your name ?
Justin Pascua
Justin Pascua 13 dagar sedan
Wait is this a new series 😳😲🥴
madhouse116 13 dagar sedan
The zombie thing OMG it’s cracked me out I wish that happened in my games how do you get the pack
Sloane Dres
Sloane Dres 13 dagar sedan
Lazy your not supposed to be out here during the daytime get a watch man Me DO YOU THINK THEY HAVE A WATCH Also me DYING Laughing
Emma Corrigan
Emma Corrigan 13 dagar sedan
Why did you don't teme the dog 😕
Lavander the frog master
legends says that lizzie is still looking for boo in the forest
Bella Gorfti
Bella Gorfti 14 dagar sedan
I wonder how many times she said heart
Itsbeasty 14 dagar sedan
I love Scott and oli fighting over the 1pm intro spot
Poppy Murray
Poppy Murray 14 dagar sedan
Hey anybody watching all her series in 2021???? 🧐🧐🧐🧐
Chad Henry
Chad Henry 14 dagar sedan
Never got the boo I watch the whole entire series
TerryDraw Reactor Craft
Me: Hope this series will go on forever Lizzie: This is so Fun!! Lizzie at the end: I guess that is enough destruction for one day 500 million suscriber video lizzie: Makes the house smaller
Cheeky Me!
Cheeky Me! 15 dagar sedan
I love how it’s called “fun craft” but that does NOT look very fun lol. Well it might be but it’s very tence!!
Shedric Danis
Shedric Danis 15 dagar sedan
Annabelle Hua
Annabelle Hua 16 dagar sedan
Scott in the chat...
Mirander Blingsfan
Mirander Blingsfan 16 dagar sedan
Haha you call neighbors
Drip Yeager
Drip Yeager 16 dagar sedan
You can beat John Cena zombie by placing few blocks below you before he gets near, then the good old swinging from top way.
Stephanie Jackson
Stephanie Jackson 16 dagar sedan
IThinkItsGaby 17 dagar sedan
i need to know what mod that boo dog is from!!
Landry 17 dagar sedan
anybody else here in 2021 👁👄👁
Paige Sweeney
Paige Sweeney 17 dagar sedan
Angel and Ella
Angel and Ella 17 dagar sedan
When Lizzie found the spider at the beginning who saw Scot and Oli’s fight about who does their intro in the 1pm slot?
Lorenza Apolinar
Lorenza Apolinar 17 dagar sedan
slenderin_ яσχιє
slenderin_ яσχιє 18 dagar sedan
Lizzie:Why is there thunder but no rain?? Me:OH S-TITAN SHIFTERS!!
gaming Emily
gaming Emily 18 dagar sedan
Wait yammy is your friend???!!!
Tsering Lama
Tsering Lama 19 dagar sedan
Lizzy make more episodes plzzz make it fast I am so soon excited and very happy
Carroll Jean Shelby Manaog
Boo looks so cute i wanna hug him
Pastelskies 19 dagar sedan
So youtube decides to send me a notification WHEN SHE BLOODY POSTED THE VID IN 2018. PS:I’m watching in 2021
artsy C.
artsy C. 19 dagar sedan
get a watch man >:c
Vanyza joyce Alfaro
Vanyza joyce Alfaro 20 dagar sedan
Hi Lizzy we have the same skin and also I love your videos I subscribe it and liked it I'm supporting your videos.☺️☺️😊😊😊
Dino Chicken
Dino Chicken 20 dagar sedan
“ why are you even out here in the day time? Get a watch man” Lmao
Anton Van der Merwe
Anton Van der Merwe 21 dag sedan
khushleen kaur
khushleen kaur 21 dag sedan
Which app you use for mods
「 Kawaii Pusheen」
「 Kawaii Pusheen」 22 dagar sedan
Who else is watching this in 2021?ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Lydia Griffiths
Lydia Griffiths 22 dagar sedan
Who else is rewatching the whole series after episode 14 😢 😿 😭 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢
「 Kawaii Pusheen」
「 Kawaii Pusheen」 22 dagar sedan
meh^ - ^
Annslee Dalton
Annslee Dalton 23 dagar sedan
Lizzy can I play Minecraft with you?
E -0-
E -0- 23 dagar sedan
EH- octopuses FLYING out of the revine Me: *bursting screaming of laughter*
Lioness Arises
Lioness Arises 24 dagar sedan
I like this one
Laura Mchugh
Laura Mchugh 24 dagar sedan
I love your videos and I love all the builds you and Jeol do😍💖
Emma Melillo
Emma Melillo 24 dagar sedan
I can't believe fun craft came out 3 years ago 😂 I feel like it just can out a couple weeks ago😂😂😂
Shianne Suggs
Shianne Suggs 25 dagar sedan
Lizzie I would like to see you bake a 🎂🍰🧁🍫🍴
Shianne Suggs
Shianne Suggs 25 dagar sedan
Lizzie Lizzie I want to see you make a video of you baking a 🎂 please s
DaSheep _YT
DaSheep _YT 25 dagar sedan
omg- XD when she was on one heart i was screaming EAT YOUR FOOD DUM DUM D:
Medoria Todoroki
Medoria Todoroki 25 dagar sedan
Oh hello, I’m from the future
btsarchive_ 25 dagar sedan
Imagine if this was One Life
Sam Francis
Sam Francis 26 dagar sedan
Me too
Mangle [FNAFmations]
Mangle [FNAFmations] 26 dagar sedan
Me: in want the boo *spits on screen*
Lisa Segura
Lisa Segura 27 dagar sedan
The damaging mom aesthetically name because sack atypically glue before a impartial panty. swanky, steady spain
Megan Mcdougall
Megan Mcdougall 28 dagar sedan
She’s on like one heart most of the video hahahaha
Megan Mcdougall
Megan Mcdougall 28 dagar sedan
Poor lizzie
Blooper 28 dagar sedan
Lizzie: now we got a bow! It’s almost broken though- Somewhere else on the sever Scott: FRICKIN JOHN CENA!
Conner Daniels
Conner Daniels 28 dagar sedan
I wish I could play on this server
Jonathan Castro
Jonathan Castro 28 dagar sedan
Videos where you have to survive a hundred days but when when you break a block a random mob will spawn
Jonathan Castro
Jonathan Castro 28 dagar sedan
Yes please do that
•Joçelyne• 28 dagar sedan
Imagine if @smallishbeans Found out the chicken dungeon was real He would have LOADS OF FUN WITH THE CHICKENS
Eclipse 12
Eclipse 12 29 dagar sedan
Its my birthday in 3days
Jasmine Logan
Jasmine Logan 29 dagar sedan
if i summond john cina i would kill it!
Jasmine Logan
Jasmine Logan 29 dagar sedan
be brave!
Jasmine Logan
Jasmine Logan 29 dagar sedan
lizzie don,t be afraid!
Aissatou Kamara
Aissatou Kamara 29 dagar sedan
Arintzy Cahue
Arintzy Cahue 29 dagar sedan
Can you give me the link or whatever but can you at least send me how did you get the mod
Arintzy Cahue
Arintzy Cahue 29 dagar sedan
Lizzie can you send me the link to play Minecraft because I try to search it up on whatever you get the apps that I couldn't find it
Jaxie Unicorn
Jaxie Unicorn Månad sedan
Another SElosk or Carly chest pain the only
Stefania Kasprowicz
Stefania Kasprowicz Månad sedan
Who else is Here after 3 years?
Jaxon Gill
Jaxon Gill Månad sedan
Not me still traumatized by the flying octopus going into my soul and scaring me
Raya Srivastava
Raya Srivastava Månad sedan
Can you pls add me in FUN CRAFT . Pls I want to also play with you and other players
Raya Srivastava
Raya Srivastava 28 dagar sedan
I am very sad
Raya Srivastava
Raya Srivastava 28 dagar sedan
GIRLZ MINE TOO Månad sedan
This was 3 years ago and they don’t add fans....
Raya Srivastava
Raya Srivastava Månad sedan
Pls add me
Lucinda Mae Slattery
do you have to buy different mods?
Its_Wolfie Gacha
Its_Wolfie Gacha Månad sedan
Tafadzwa Musiyiwa
Tafadzwa Musiyiwa Månad sedan
Love you 💕💕💕💕
Mochi Chan
Mochi Chan Månad sedan
What mod is the four leaf clover from?
Chesca Vlogs
Chesca Vlogs Månad sedan
How to get this modddd
Sunset Flares
Sunset Flares Månad sedan
No one: Scott: *"GET THAT REVENGE"*
Pure Imagination
Pure Imagination Månad sedan
I just can't get over Scott and Oli having words in the beginning lmao
Oliver philbert
Oliver philbert Månad sedan
•Aesthetics Bees Forest•
I came here and now I’m obsessed
Jazir Abdul rahman
Jazir Abdul rahman Månad sedan
Why do you sound like yummy
Sofia Lindahay
Sofia Lindahay Månad sedan
You can tame a dog with a bone
Louisse go
Louisse go Månad sedan
I want to get a funcraft but i was searching in this not there
Louisse go
Louisse go Månad sedan
Ldshadowlady how did you get fun craft
Rainbow Panda
Rainbow Panda Månad sedan
When she said "Why are these even out here? Get a watch man!" I laughed so hard also..... Lizzie: One day I want to obtain a mystical goat and ride it. Also Lizzie: Never comes to obtain a goat 😂😂😂😂😂 ANOTHER ONE Lizzie: Oh I got unlucky because this isnt actually a cave Also Lizzie: Im making a nice little home for myself in this cave
Brooke Deal
Brooke Deal Månad sedan
i love rewatching old videos :]
Infinite Gaming
Infinite Gaming Månad sedan
Ur the best Minecraft player EVERRRRRRRRRRR
Disney World in Minecraft!?
Teardown: Endgame
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