Cosy Autumn Cottage | Ep. 12 | Minecraft X Life SMP 

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Please *boop* the like button if you enjoy the video! :)
Please *boop* the like button if you enjoy the video! :)
X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.

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fWhip - selosk.info
Jacksucks - selosk.info
Joey Graceffa - selosk.info
KatherineElizabeth - selosk.info
LaurenZside - selosk.info
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Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod
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Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod
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Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
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Eri Aizawa
Eri Aizawa 2 timmar sedan
The pig nodded at the end.
Sixdublesix Da yt
Sixdublesix Da yt 9 timmar sedan
4:15 I’m pretty sure that wasn’t her yelling
splash force
splash force 9 timmar sedan
The uttermost afterthought neurophysiologically tumble because joseph behaviourally drain past a military kettle. ordinary, shrill engineering
Thang Ho
Thang Ho 22 timmar sedan
“ you are an educated goat “ Later...”BAD GOAT”
Leticia Setiawan
Can you get s pet dog
Bobbie Zeeff
Bobbie Zeeff Dag sedan
Lol my dogs name is Willow
noreen muhib
noreen muhib Dag sedan
Fox’s are my favorite animals
Daenia Ashpole
Daenia Ashpole 2 dagar sedan
Lizzie: *This is looking more homily now*. Goat: *This dirt thing is homily, this girl is crazy*
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 2 dagar sedan
Ima big fan been watching for ages I love your vids keep on dowing what u do
XxColorful RøsesxX
XxColorful RøsesxX 2 dagar sedan
Lizzie: here you go mate, a bit of privicy. It was how she said “privacy” that got me 😂 😂 😂
kitty cat
kitty cat 2 dagar sedan
you said: "oh ja das ist gut" Me: LMAOOO 😂
Sheila Lazaro
Sheila Lazaro 3 dagar sedan
10:43 Goat: I hope you guys enjoyed Fox: if you did make sure to leave a like Dirt pig: Dont forget to subscribe *All 3 at the same time: and I will see you next time*
Lolas Challenge tube
Lolas Challenge tube 3 dagar sedan
the mud is sooooo ugly
Katie Hetherton
Katie Hetherton 3 dagar sedan
There are soooo much flowers on the home
Black Rose
Black Rose 3 dagar sedan
Lizzie " Oh ya das ist gut" Me" did she just speak German👁👄👁"
Wyatt Nelson
Wyatt Nelson 4 dagar sedan
I’m watching all of your videos one by one- The x life ones
Easton Looi
Easton Looi 4 dagar sedan
Maybe you can name the goat
The awesome Maia
The awesome Maia 4 dagar sedan
lizzie campfires don’t spread fire in minecraft 🤣
Clariza P.
Clariza P. 5 dagar sedan
I love your vids
Mimi B
Mimi B 5 dagar sedan
She should sell fake magic carpets to scam people
Mimi B
Mimi B 5 dagar sedan
She should sell books at the shop
Dahlia Henry
Dahlia Henry 5 dagar sedan
you make an entire house for a goat : )
Catherine Lavanya
Catherine Lavanya 5 dagar sedan
Name the fox name is fairy
Business Horse Memes
Business Horse Memes 5 dagar sedan
4:15 that scream😂😂
tiffbu00 6 dagar sedan
Name suggestions Lia Mia Kayla Paul Matt Jake Makenna (my name) Robert Mr. Oink oink
Valentina Raffaelli
Valentina Raffaelli 6 dagar sedan
2:41 *masterpiece*
The Man Behind The Slaughter
Anybody else notice her xp-
Snufisk 1
Snufisk 1 6 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who vibes to the intro
PandaTEAMLOVE Love one community
Omg I love lord of the rings lol I thought you dident know about it lol
Samantha Saaid
Samantha Saaid 6 dagar sedan
she has over 300 levles
Ava Rogers
Ava Rogers 6 dagar sedan
This inspired me to build a Hobbit hole for my horse! P.S. The hobbit hole is from the hobbit.
Rick Franklin
Rick Franklin 7 dagar sedan
name a goat lia
Mackenzie purdy
Mackenzie purdy 7 dagar sedan
I love this series
Adelia Santaraite
Adelia Santaraite 7 dagar sedan
Wait did u just say oh yeah this is good in german xD
Kikiv311 7 dagar sedan
Elizabeth Simmons
Elizabeth Simmons 8 dagar sedan
Lizzie: OMG it’s so cozy Me: Ya it just totally doesn’t have dirt walls :>
Ary and Ava
Ary and Ava 8 dagar sedan
So Many... BOOKS!
Mya Fields
Mya Fields 8 dagar sedan
"Here ya go mate, lil bit of priVISY" I love her accent
Louise Bacuvier
Louise Bacuvier 8 dagar sedan
i got so atached to xlife i wached it 9 times
Sumaya Hashi
Sumaya Hashi 8 dagar sedan
Bad I'm your biggest fan because I met you a long time ago but you yeah I know you're going to you're my biggest fan I'm your biggest fans I wanted to say is that I like the Roblox that you dissed dead and I liked it so much so much cramps in my age
sunny grow
sunny grow 8 dagar sedan
I'm so into the serie 8 swear lol
The longmild
The longmild 8 dagar sedan
Could you please make a free flower mode pretty please
NeedToPooNow 8 dagar sedan
Kinda glad that I forgot to come back for two years, because now I can binge the hell out of everything.
SnackyChloe 8 dagar sedan
lizzie in the future: has 1 more life remaining lizzies near death expirience: ah heck nah
vxanny Games
vxanny Games 8 dagar sedan
Laila Gorin
Laila Gorin 8 dagar sedan
What mod do you yose its bootifull
Louisa Stout
Louisa Stout 9 dagar sedan
I just realized that the goat has a better house (or hut) in Minecraft than I do...
Angelique Hackett
Angelique Hackett 9 dagar sedan
My name is autumn
Weirdo_ Club
Weirdo_ Club 9 dagar sedan
what is the mods you use in this??
Ahmed Anizy
Ahmed Anizy 9 dagar sedan
she said she dont have a flying carpet but i remember joe got her one i am now confused-
Willow Hall
Willow Hall 9 dagar sedan
My name is Willow and I love foxes
Mariel Mae P. Almelor
Mariel Mae P. Almelor 9 dagar sedan
Name ur goat Peachy
Anxgel 10 dagar sedan
Hi Lizzie!! I really want to know what texture and/or shader pack you use (like where the grass moves!!)
Panda Party
Panda Party 10 dagar sedan
It’s the goubet
Arsly _GachaGacha
Arsly _GachaGacha 10 dagar sedan
always bring orange jasmine with you it may save ur life one day -Me 2021 while watching lizzie drown
Jacob Grant
Jacob Grant 10 dagar sedan
Can you name the goat Billy
Margaret Erwin the great
Name one of your pets ButterCup!!! :*
John Robert Eleccion
John Robert Eleccion 10 dagar sedan
Wow i like
Celestino Moreno
Celestino Moreno 11 dagar sedan
That look good
Louise Newington
Louise Newington 11 dagar sedan
Ik I'm late but my dog is called Willow!!! And she's very durpy
Sara Andrinudottir
Sara Andrinudottir 11 dagar sedan
if u name a another pig then u can call it piglo :3 luv ur vids!
Shxpphiinqyy 11 dagar sedan
I need the mods for this omg-
• Shxgerplum •
• Shxgerplum • 11 dagar sedan
4:15 that scream tho lol
Karastina Wolf
Karastina Wolf 11 dagar sedan
My sisters cat is name willo
I Don't know
I Don't know 11 dagar sedan
Leave it to shadow lady to take a dirt hut and make it look better than all of my builds combined
I Don't know
I Don't know 11 dagar sedan
Who does she import the photo into Minecraft?
Htet Myatmin
Htet Myatmin 11 dagar sedan
How can the goat can read and sit 😂😂😂😂
Kawaii Banana
Kawaii Banana 11 dagar sedan
I love it how she says :0 cool!
james li
james li 12 dagar sedan
This reminds me of hermitcraft
Sassy Apple Studio
Sassy Apple Studio 12 dagar sedan
OK for some reason anytime you start to get scared I get scared for you and when you get excited I get excited for you also who has been re-watching this
Katie Sommer
Katie Sommer 12 dagar sedan
I still cant find 22 i will find a difrit video
Dreamy•puffy 12 dagar sedan
1:29 Da stimme ich zu😌👌
Chole Angel
Chole Angel 12 dagar sedan
What is the mode??
pandora 12 dagar sedan
Here I am again watching all of ldhsadowladys uploads
Christina Bösl
Christina Bösl 12 dagar sedan
Did she SAID DAS IST GUT in German? Omggg
itzumi midoriya aizawa
itzumi midoriya aizawa 12 dagar sedan
The fire place is danger to the little fox bc willow can fit there
Unique daily is the Best
U should make a bird exibet with tress and plants 🌱🦜
Alpha Stout
Alpha Stout 12 dagar sedan
He’s a goat he does not need that many homie things
Michael Reacts
Michael Reacts 13 dagar sedan
Don’t say that to yourself
robert heredia
robert heredia 13 dagar sedan
That’s my teachers name do that little fox like like your video to
Stitch Cat
Stitch Cat 13 dagar sedan
1:44 (bookmark)
natidrawz4 13 dagar sedan
what mod do you use???
Bradley Parker
Bradley Parker 13 dagar sedan
Ldshadowlady is like a whole new world on her magic caroet
Bradley Parker
Bradley Parker 13 dagar sedan
Me finds magical item like a trident irl Also me wow Ldshadow lady put it on the wall Me again seriously?
Bradley Parker
Bradley Parker 13 dagar sedan
Well I like Winter even though the trees are dead or should I say empty and not dead
Bradley Parker
Bradley Parker 13 dagar sedan
Also Americans can be any culture not just native Americans
Bradley Parker
Bradley Parker 13 dagar sedan
Most Americans have English in them you know that right?
honey crxsp
honey crxsp 13 dagar sedan
what mods do u use
schnuki 123
schnuki 123 13 dagar sedan
"Das ist gut" 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 My german heard beats faster 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
romapie jr
romapie jr 13 dagar sedan
It is now 4:27 am. And yes I am still awake. I am hoping to watch at least two more episodes of x life before I fall asleep.
Ruben Ras
Ruben Ras 13 dagar sedan
Wow you can talk German Ich liebe dich ❤️
Lolly mae FaHeY
Lolly mae FaHeY 13 dagar sedan
I hate lord of the rings :/ but I love the cottage :)
Peter Gorsky
Peter Gorsky 13 dagar sedan
I think she's the first SEloskr to ever say that acacia planks look nice
Sweet English
Sweet English 13 dagar sedan
the home for the goat got LIZZIEFIED
Info Gain
Info Gain 13 dagar sedan
Lizzie - My goat is very educated also lizzie- Dear goat tell me A B C D Goat - Bah bah ( goat sound ) Lizzie - Such a stupid goat
mitz balmores
mitz balmores 14 dagar sedan
the dirt house is so CUTE!!!😍😍😍😍
Three¿amigos II
Three¿amigos II 14 dagar sedan
1:29 very nice German 👍🏻
Bean, Bear and Button Videos
what is a shadow cadet? if it is a subscriber, then I AM ONE YAY
goatybuilds 14 dagar sedan
Sarah Povey
Sarah Povey 14 dagar sedan
Makes me hungry
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