Chaos and Creatures | Ep. 22 | Minecraft X Life SMP 

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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fWhip - selosk.info
GeminiTay - selosk.info
Hbomb94 - selosk.info
JackSucks - selosk.info
Joey Graceffa - selosk.info
KatherineElizabeth - selosk.info
LaurenZside - selosk.info
LDShadowlady - selosk.info
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JackSucksAtLife 9 dagar sedan
Thank you for honouring my wishes
Ellie the cookie
Ellie the cookie 3 timmar sedan
IFoundsomeCereal 3 timmar sedan
Gia Kaldrovich
Gia Kaldrovich 5 timmar sedan
@Idk huh
Idk 6 timmar sedan
@Gia Kaldrovich uh she’s alive
Ava Goldstein
Ava Goldstein 16 timmar sedan
Pearl kitty
Pearl kitty 26 minuter sedan
surprised cat face
surprised cat face 29 minuter sedan
She could have just taken all of jack’s stuff and used it
Hosanna Melling
Hosanna Melling Timme sedan
you should make your own wishes like Jack did . maby you should make people take your animals. all of your animals. also I Love your chanel so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GamingFox Timme sedan
She should have baked his will too...
lps luna
lps luna Timme sedan
I'm em a BIG FAN I have wach all of you videos all of crazy all of 1 laif ALL OF YOU VIDEOS I just want to say thank you for inspiring me:)
lee walton
lee walton 2 timmar sedan
When can you make a video about Joel and I’ll do you shadow lady 100 days spending it together
Benny Keller
Benny Keller 2 timmar sedan
Sabrina Ramos
Sabrina Ramos 2 timmar sedan
who else is dreading this title for the next video: "X-LIFE FINAL!"
Queen Coleman
Queen Coleman 2 timmar sedan
Ld shadow lady why you not posting no more??😢😢😥😥
Milky Xīguā
Milky Xīguā 3 timmar sedan
I’ve been watching you at school for 5 years and I’ve finally got my own acc,IN SUBSCRIBE NOW >:]
HELLZO3 3 timmar sedan
I don't want this series to end 😫😭😫😭😫😫😭😫😭😫😭😫😭😫😭😫😭😫😭😫😭😔😓😔😓😔😓😔😓
Terrified 3 timmar sedan
Xyz_galaxy 4 timmar sedan
Hi!!! Can I have a shout out I also love ❤️ your videos
Lilli Hood
Lilli Hood 4 timmar sedan
noodles07 4 timmar sedan
hi sister
Skyler Joy
Skyler Joy 4 timmar sedan
Hi it's my daughters B-day in April I was wondering if you Could Help and be at her on minecraft B-day? She said it would be her dream!
noodles07 4 timmar sedan
Sharonda Harris
Sharonda Harris 4 timmar sedan
ILD shadow lady OK baby I have a friend that is a incoming got to do better and she is going to make a video but she will love you react to this is my present for her for being such a good friend I hope you I hope you respond to this and then I can tell you the information for this video she said if you actually respond to this you’ll be making that video right away he’s already trying to make it in hopes that you will react to it sorry for the improper spelling I’m just talking on my voice thing I hope you enjoy I need to sponsor the video not video I thought I meant can you please respond
Shimmering_ Diamondxox
Shimmering_ Diamondxox 4 timmar sedan
Lizzie when you posting I've been waiting for a pots for ages🥺
Nolan MacLellan
Nolan MacLellan 4 timmar sedan
Hello I have a suggestion, since in many things there is a purge, raids, and stuff.. I think you should build a secret underground bunker, with food, shulker boxes, and end chests. And cover it with obsidian on the outside and iron as walls and floor.
Camden's Learning Channel Rein III
I feel bad for jack :( .R.I.P.
Payt Manley
Payt Manley 5 timmar sedan
I really want to do a video together but I don't live in the UK but I am from London
Rainy Edith
Rainy Edith 6 timmar sedan
Can u make a video and use. The mod "mutant creatures mod" pls?
Luci. 1
Luci. 1 6 timmar sedan
Starburst is so cute ngl
JanyPizzaUwU Maddi
JanyPizzaUwU Maddi 6 timmar sedan
As its your last life i had a great idea to do. You should make a fairy light maze with deadly traps to kill others
dolita windo
dolita windo 6 timmar sedan
Ok lizzy its been years since ive seen your videos i miss u so much
Suraksa 7 timmar sedan
I left for 4 years this is what I come back to
dolita windo
dolita windo 6 timmar sedan
Nooooooo someone died is x live
Albert Poshley / Tudorbigbrain101 YT
Joel is the ultimate villain NYEHHEHEHEHEH
Dolphin Lover Dolphin Lover
I think Lizzie should Wright a will and let someone on the server take all of her animals as a final prank
siny Karen
siny Karen 8 timmar sedan
make more 100 day in Minecraft world
Sunset roblox
Sunset roblox 8 timmar sedan
Please make another series of kingdom craft it was my favourite series!
Shafqat Naz
Shafqat Naz 8 timmar sedan
So is the series done or more videos are coming up soon?
Amber Dantzler
Amber Dantzler 9 timmar sedan
soap 9 timmar sedan
Lmao i just found this chanel and idk why but i wanna play with u
DEVinity 10 timmar sedan
In your own will you should give your gems to Kathrine
J Dixon
J Dixon 10 timmar sedan
After X Life can you see if you could check on how you are doing in Star Stable, or just create a new account if you lost yours? I'm not at all saying that you have to do this though it is just a suggestion!!
Kaylin Stark
Kaylin Stark 11 timmar sedan
Girl, you NEED to build me a house plsssss LOLLL!
Sandy Mandy
Sandy Mandy 11 timmar sedan
Lizzie, you should write a will like Jack did 😂😂👍
•AniMe_CrAcK• 12 timmar sedan
We need a new vid Im queen👑😃🙌💕
Lily-Grace Merrick Year 5
@LDShadowLady in your next vidio can you write your will in the 10 hart club house
Anne-Sophie Spijker
Anne-Sophie Spijker 14 timmar sedan
Not only jack sucks
Anne-Sophie Spijker
Anne-Sophie Spijker 14 timmar sedan
Nooooooo someone died is x live
Rose abelle
Rose abelle 14 timmar sedan
Ok lizzy its been years since ive seen your videos i miss u so much
Grace Porter
Grace Porter 14 timmar sedan
I love ur video's! I watch them all the time! :D U such a good youtuber and all ur friends!
Brooklyn Alexa
Brooklyn Alexa 15 timmar sedan
Ad I to smp and it becomes simp lol
Frapechino Kelsey
Frapechino Kelsey 16 timmar sedan
People are watching like this : - on bed - not in full-screen - reading comments.........😂😂
Kian Winters
Kian Winters 17 timmar sedan
ms Eti
ms Eti 18 timmar sedan
play minecraft poket edishon.pls ...
ms Eti
ms Eti 18 timmar sedan
play minecraft poket edishon.pls ...
Frazix Gaming
Frazix Gaming 18 timmar sedan
play mcpe . its boring
Fack Hacker
Fack Hacker 19 timmar sedan
play mcpe.i like mcpe.lazzie pls..play to mcpe.i want i play with you .i am you very very big fan.pls..pls..pls.
Fack Hacker
Fack Hacker 19 timmar sedan
i wish you play with me
SaavyKat Gamer
SaavyKat Gamer 20 timmar sedan
What mods/texture packs does she use?
leena sawant
leena sawant 21 timme sedan
Plz play among us
Glitch Gacha and Aot
Glitch Gacha and Aot 22 timmar sedan
Hi LD shadow lady you probably won’t read this but may aswell try anyways could you pls in your next video could you pls leave links to your mods pls
Lauren Black
Lauren Black 22 timmar sedan
I haven't seen you jn awhile lizzie I stopped watching you bc you weren't posting but I started crying and remembered that the only thing that helped me through everything in life was you lizzie I love you so much youve helped me through childhod trauma and depression lizzie I love you and never stop being you I love you so much lizzie and even if you don't see this your an amazing person and i hope you have a great day.
Chloe Wray
Chloe Wray 23 timmar sedan
Did you make your well yet?
alexia tzortzis
alexia tzortzis Dag sedan
Hey gurl it’s a week and one day later and u usually post every saterday I don’t want to sound weird or anything but r u ok because as the community that loves u we really want to know if ur ok
Rainbow Unicorn XG
Hi Lizzie when will you make another series
Far Pandas_zoe_mia
How do you like it get X life and one life
iiistarxsiii Dag sedan
Lizzy can you do hardcore in a new game also what’s that mode
Jazmin wade
Jazmin wade Dag sedan
you should build a movei theaether
Luvy Gamboa
Luvy Gamboa Dag sedan
Ldshadowlady can you make another video of x life🥺🥺🥺🍪
my first time watching ldshadowlady because of jeremies death in X life
FloraFlower Gaming
logan prestonback
You need to write your will
Akira Kishimoto
Akira Kishimoto Dag sedan
I non stopped watched most of the queens series in two days. She's my favorite youtuber out of everyone!!!
Tina Campbell
Tina Campbell Dag sedan
You are so cute
lps luna
lps luna Dag sedan
Arletta Oldak
Arletta Oldak Dag sedan
why dont you guys stop playing normal mincraft and play surviving on flat mincraft :) hope you see this lizzy i want you to try it
꧁Melody ꧂
꧁Melody ꧂ Dag sedan
New subscriber!
Umi Romolliwa
Umi Romolliwa Dag sedan
You should solve the mystery of the laughing baby
peggy mcMenamin
peggy mcMenamin Dag sedan
At twelve eleven the scream dude..
bsky Playz
bsky Playz Dag sedan
It’s been to long MAKE A VIDEO!!!
Celestia Ludenburg
Im so happy jereymism is finally GOINGGGG!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Btw this is a dream come true lol
Rockie Poo
Rockie Poo Dag sedan
I like how she didn’t notice the lizard in her cow pen
unicorn mkt
unicorn mkt Dag sedan
Lizzie you are omiss 28
Anime Kawaii
Anime Kawaii Dag sedan
ℍ𝕚 𝕝𝕚𝕫𝕫𝕪≧◠‿◠≦
Olivia Newbound
Olivia Newbound Dag sedan
it would be soooo cool if she could play minecraft with us (sorry if youve already done this love you and ur channel Lizzie!)
Lena Dag sedan
Ngl I hate jack sucks because he wants to kill Gemini and you
life isfull
life isfull Dag sedan
anybody else wondering what the next series will be about if anyone has thoughts please tell me I'm curious imagine if they brought back crazy craft! (only OGs know what I'm talking about)
Kian Winters
Kian Winters Dag sedan
Hi 😊😊
Asphodel M
Asphodel M Dag sedan
Can you please do Minecraft Hunger Games?
sister adventures 2
Do not do videos so far apart🦄
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Dag sedan
Im not the only one who freaks out whenever she posts even though she posts a decent amount-
Mark Partland
Mark Partland Dag sedan
Hi I’m Sophia. I’m a new subscriber. I really like your channel and have been watching for a year
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Dag sedan
Haven't watched you in a while. :/
Angelika Eneas
Angelika Eneas Dag sedan
Can u make a video tomorrow cause its my b day on the 1 of march
Geoff Shandler
Geoff Shandler Dag sedan
Ldshadowlady my daughter is a huge fan her fish died and she named her new one Joel after your husband
Emma Tyrrell
Emma Tyrrell Dag sedan
If you die what will you do for videos
I was wondering if you could make a Pandora themed room 😅
Annie Gywnn
Annie Gywnn Dag sedan
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i love you
Imran Panhwer
Imran Panhwer Dag sedan
fahrialbar72 Dag sedan
Amzing good louck for you animasi
fahrialbar72 Dag sedan
Hy. I'm indonesia.. Ilove you 😍
Hyeonji Tae
Hyeonji Tae Dag sedan
could you please check your shop? been a long time since you check
Bernardette Balzan
what a bouth jermmy the dog in kingdomcraft?
Anhita Kande
Anhita Kande Dag sedan
the end of x life was chaos
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh Dag sedan
I made it for you I love seeing your vids thank you for making these amazing videos a
Kaelyn and Olivias Funhouse
Welp I guess the spider came in her room because she has not been uploading
Lizzie if u get any pets can u name one Galaxy or boba
Sprinkled Donuts
Ep 15: everyone is in harmony Ep 25: sO tHe cHaOs bEgInS *instantly gets flashbacks to the ‘Purge’.
Decubic Dag sedan
Haven't watched you in a while. :/