Baddest Witch in the Coven | Ep. 16 | Minecraft X Life SMP 

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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LDShadowLady 4 månader sedan
pls only nice comments it's my birthday today
amy Newell
amy Newell 14 dagar sedan
Happy birthday Lizzie
Jleavocado 21 dag sedan
Happy b day I four months late
Galactic Wombat
Galactic Wombat Månad sedan
Madison Robinson
Madison Robinson Månad sedan
Of course m’lady
Greyson Zhc
Greyson Zhc Månad sedan
Happy birthday 🎉🎂🎊🎁🎈
Foxyq 4 timmar sedan
Love you Lizzie!🥰❤️
Moe Tart
Moe Tart 5 timmar sedan
It’s the “WOW” for me! 🤣😂🤣
Angela Carr
Angela Carr 5 timmar sedan
your carecter be like👁️👄👁️
XxMysterious GirlxX
XxMysterious GirlxX 9 timmar sedan
Legs Legs Legs Happy late Easter Or is it your birthday?
Sofia Dahl
Sofia Dahl 12 timmar sedan
Noice video and happy birthday
Kaitlyn O'Connor
Kaitlyn O'Connor 16 timmar sedan
Happy birthday lizzie hope you had a great day
Ayaana Gupta
Ayaana Gupta 17 timmar sedan
Lizzy already had the grumpy panda 🐼
Sel Ost
Sel Ost Dag sedan
Happy birthday!
noreen muhib
noreen muhib Dag sedan
I do
Nyxaluna Dag sedan
The witch coven is so great that the nightsisters could never
Hailey Carlsen
Hailey Carlsen 2 dagar sedan
Happy birthday!💖
Lion H
Lion H 2 dagar sedan
Lizzie: so all I have to do is Ad: download discord
Snow Angel Farah
Snow Angel Farah 2 dagar sedan
Happy birthday
Cameron Rice
Cameron Rice 3 dagar sedan
Alisha Gordon
Alisha Gordon 3 dagar sedan
.....the people who disliked this video are pure evil
JxediieePlayz YT
JxediieePlayz YT 3 dagar sedan
Well happy birthday!
JxediieePlayz YT
JxediieePlayz YT 3 dagar sedan
What game is it?
_Kxtty_Gamerz 6 timmar sedan
minecraft but it has mods
JxediieePlayz YT
JxediieePlayz YT 3 dagar sedan
Happy birthday
Sophia Browning
Sophia Browning 3 dagar sedan
Why only hate towards jermyisum
BLUEBERRIEZ 881 3 dagar sedan
I know the birthday was a while ago but Lizzie in gonna sing u a song that my family sings to each other on our birthdays 🎈 Ahem For shes a jolly good fellow fo shes a jolly good fellow FOR SHEEEEES A JOLLY GOOD FE E LOOOOOOOOOOOOOW and so say all of us -clap clap- and so say all of all of us And so say all of us For shes a jolly good fellow for shes a jolly good fellow for shes a jolly good FELLOOOOOW and so say all of us -clap clap- 🥳🥳🥳🥳
Andrea Magiera-Guy
Andrea Magiera-Guy 4 dagar sedan
Omg me and my lizard love hat video No I am not kidding my lizard loves it
_Kxtty_Gamerz 6 timmar sedan
that is so cute
Hugo Suarez
Hugo Suarez 4 dagar sedan
I know the fake stuff on the shelf
Christopher 4 dagar sedan
The grumpy panda I just got one on my second try🤣😂😅
Strawberrycow-games 4 dagar sedan
is it just me or does joey sound like james charles?
Gummiand 4 dagar sedan
Sooooooo.. Can i have a potion of repelence? I think people will stay away from me in the corona times if they get hurt when near. Dont you think?
Save Me From The World, Please
Ah, yes. Jeremiamism.
2000s aesthetic
2000s aesthetic 5 dagar sedan
happy birthday!!! (4 months late pffft)
Stone sky
Stone sky 6 dagar sedan
Guizel Gamez
Guizel Gamez 6 dagar sedan
I remember that I got two of your femiler I wish I can give you one
Dani Playz
Dani Playz 6 dagar sedan
I relly like your accent andi wish i had your building skills 😁 i love your vids and happy balated birthday
F Kma
F Kma 7 dagar sedan
I can’t believe she does all the stuff in survival mode
Ava Allen
Ava Allen 7 dagar sedan
Margaret Erwin the great
You need a brewing stand in your witch cauldron hideout! yo are all about potions after all...
Robinson Tudtud
Robinson Tudtud 7 dagar sedan
I keep going back for the wow wow music
Isaac Hanson
Isaac Hanson 8 dagar sedan
I do
Rani Roberts
Rani Roberts 8 dagar sedan
Lizzy wants The panda and I Have it
Rainbow halo peeps UwU
Apparently lion fish are poisonous to eat and can kill you
Gail Ballard
Gail Ballard 8 dagar sedan
Love the dragons breath in your custom bookshelves in your cauldron😍
basta117 8 dagar sedan
Lizzie: I will put some pictures of moon paw. Me: quickly takes a screan shot of moon paw and goes into abyss paint x
Tocabloxiplayz 8 dagar sedan
Lol i had an idea you couldv'e called this 99 problems but a witch ain't one
Ruby McGrath
Ruby McGrath 8 dagar sedan
Get a cat and name it fire
*simp Baka*
*simp Baka* 8 dagar sedan
Anyone saying what kinda ad they have?
Cloud-Floofer 8 dagar sedan
Lylah The lion
Lylah The lion 8 dagar sedan
Lizzie what Minecraft edition do you have? Because I have Java edition.
Marti Ayers
Marti Ayers 9 dagar sedan
Happy birthday
Matthew Unsworth
Matthew Unsworth 9 dagar sedan
The does joy sound like James Charles???
Captain Awesome
Captain Awesome 9 dagar sedan
Is it just me or dose joey sound like james charles 👁️👄👁️
LPS Mimity
LPS Mimity 9 dagar sedan
joey is a blonde james charles, he sounds and speaks like him
Shocker8140 9 dagar sedan
Is that the mirror for the invisibility potion eeffect?
Joanna Hunt
Joanna Hunt 9 dagar sedan
lizzie: gets mad at joey for breaking a rule at the parkour also lizzie: joins joeys league of witches
Amanda Schramm Pereira
Happy birthday Lizzie
Natalie flynn
Natalie flynn 9 dagar sedan
I like your old intro it was so cute but i still like your new one . . /_/
Jaslynn Hung
Jaslynn Hung 9 dagar sedan
Happy birthday LD my present is every one sub SUB EVERYONE
hayden 10 dagar sedan
what are the mods she's used in this world?
Karima Hascaryo
Karima Hascaryo 11 dagar sedan
*Coven Witch Rules* Me: I think its a rules to be at Hogwarts :D
Liv 11 dagar sedan
4:01 she has brown pandas they’re rare
Jamila Corbin
Jamila Corbin 11 dagar sedan
Happy birthday 🎂 I don't know any of those things So happy birthday🎂
Starlit Hill
Starlit Hill 11 dagar sedan
I have the grumpy panda
holly galbo
holly galbo 11 dagar sedan
I do no the items on the bookshelf
Madeline Volk
Madeline Volk 11 dagar sedan
Happy birthday 🎁🎈🎊🎉🎂
Neesha Santoo
Neesha Santoo 11 dagar sedan
Neesha Santoo
Neesha Santoo 11 dagar sedan
i hate JOEI
Dua channal
Dua channal 11 dagar sedan
and happy birthday
Dua channal
Dua channal 11 dagar sedan
hi i am your big fan i konw i am watching this to late i am sorry can you pick my in shoutout
Dua channal
Dua channal 11 dagar sedan
Jesse Coleman
Jesse Coleman 11 dagar sedan
Happy birthday Lizzy 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😸
Mohamed Said
Mohamed Said 11 dagar sedan
Samar Fatima Khan
Samar Fatima Khan 11 dagar sedan
Be Muslim if you want
JIYA MISHRA 11 dagar sedan
You should make cauldron one of your which hut like you did at the panda research
Maggie Bates
Maggie Bates 12 dagar sedan
Happy Birthday!
•Cloudy Downy•
•Cloudy Downy• 12 dagar sedan
Can we join Xlife?
AlizaPlayz 12 dagar sedan
............get 10 obsidian and cobble stone and create it how it looks then get 1 iron and 2 flint then craft them next to eacheother then the thing you get place it in the nether portal . THXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!
AlizaPlayz 12 dagar sedan
omg hi shadow lady i know its soooooooooooo late but i want to say happy birthday i love your vids and btw you should name a normal horse:lilly zombie horse: Poisen wither . you are my FAVIOURITE SEloskR . btw a really easy way to make a nether portal is that you have to
Umar Zai
Umar Zai 12 dagar sedan
LDshadowlady is the best every one subscribe on everyone of the video
Ester Cowie
Ester Cowie 12 dagar sedan
Miss Cupcake
Miss Cupcake 12 dagar sedan
Dose anyone know what the mode she is using.
Luke Jaskulka
Luke Jaskulka 12 dagar sedan
Liz going in the dark depths of the earth Me:deep dark down deep down
Pen 10
Pen 10 12 dagar sedan
I recognise everything 😁
S u g a r • B o m b
S u g a r • B o m b 12 dagar sedan
Happy bday liz hope you have a good day and stay safe and!☺
Hadis Muradi
Hadis Muradi 12 dagar sedan
The cauldron is adorable 🥰 I’d never be able to make on of those
Loafi 13 dagar sedan
11:14 Nausia effect icon breeding hearts nether star nuclulus shell glass bottle golden apple eye of ender potion of regeneration water bucket of pufferfish dragon breath invisibility effect icon slowness effect icon ive been playing mc since i was 4 in like 2014 so plz tell meh if i gottem all right
Lauren Hart
Lauren Hart 13 dagar sedan
8:44 was that Sven?
DragonCat Draws
DragonCat Draws 13 dagar sedan
Moon paw sounds like a warrior cats name.
abbii_ 13 dagar sedan
“Rare grumpy panda” Me with so many of them: Hehe..heheheheheeh
Exotic_Ava_101 13 dagar sedan
WAIIIIIIIIT.... If Joey's a BOY and witches are GIRLS..... Does that mean he's a WIZARD?!?!
Ashley Chen
Ashley Chen 13 dagar sedan
oMg! I got the grumpy panda before too! I was to dumb to realize! So I ended up calling him Kevin the brat!!! Because of my brother lol... But I just realized! I love your videos!
Victor Marck
Victor Marck 13 dagar sedan
I am vanilla player and i do recognize all of the items also happy birthday
Matthews new channel
Matthews new channel 13 dagar sedan
I love your vids because you help me get through and not think about my family who has covid you are my ensperation
Ryan K
Ryan K 13 dagar sedan
I do
NekoNay 14
NekoNay 14 13 dagar sedan
I love you🐼
Lola Patterson
Lola Patterson 14 dagar sedan
Melxlody 14 dagar sedan
bro I actually practice witchcraft so I literally- YES LIZZIE
William Radford
William Radford 14 dagar sedan
Oh! Moon paw, flmin heck -LDShadowLady 2021
William Radford
William Radford 14 dagar sedan
Oh wait I mean 2020
ashneen huda
ashneen huda 14 dagar sedan
Ummm.... i know katherieneez
Cats_ Life_yay
Cats_ Life_yay 14 dagar sedan
Me: happy birthday LDshadowlady
Livia Cottam
Livia Cottam 14 dagar sedan
Happy birthday I love this series please continue it 💖
tiffany Poe
tiffany Poe 15 dagar sedan
Your and Joly's is a colt Its better to be a were wolf
gacha_flame 15 dagar sedan
i wonder if a guy/girl will get the crystal
RσʂҽVαʅʅҽყ 15 dagar sedan
i was in shock when it said Geminitay joined the game XD
moony 15 dagar sedan
a donkey: **exists** joel: *we could make a religion out of this...*
꧁Nobody TeE heE꧂
꧁Nobody TeE heE꧂ 15 dagar sedan
Winx club vibes ✨
Minecraft Witch Hut Makeover