Adopting Animal Girls | Ep. 5 | Minecraft FunCraft 

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Welcome to episode 5 of a new Minecraft multiplayer modded server series with my Minecraft SEloskr friends. You might recognize a few familiar faces from Crazy Craft 3.0, Trollcraft and One Life! We're using a new custom modpack I put together called Fun Craft, it contains many exciting existing mods aswell as a few fun custom mods made by me (with the help of Paul101). This modpack contains new dungeons, monsters, pets, bosses, weapons and tools to play with!
In this episode, I build an animal village for my animal girl daughters! I also take on a quest to tame a Fennec Fox girl from a far away desert.
We're still adding some new players but here's the roster so far:
LDShadowLady selosk.info
Smallishbeans - selosk.info
SeaPeeKay - selosk.info
TheOrionSound - selosk.info
Yammyxox - selosk.info
JoeyGraceffa - selosk.info
Dangthatsalongname - selosk.info
Koil1990 - selosk.info
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25 mar 2018



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sasza serpent
sasza serpent 3 år sedan
Oh no... when Lizzie adopts minecraft children we all know the cemetery is gonna run out of space very soon...
Sally Babb
Sally Babb 9 dagar sedan
Kaylynn Barker
Kaylynn Barker 21 dag sedan
I want Jordan again I don't know me I'm 6 years old Fox around kind of oh yeah I love your videos do one where you make rainbow house with a white blue in some white blue pink beautiful get some dogs get some cats get SElosk get some diamonds get some emeralds get that chicken sword get that chicken already know that you can swear because you didn't want to hear videos pranks you always prank always I do I dare you to
{Mayuin} 22 dagar sedan
Night Fox
Night Fox Månad sedan
Well Mabel they’ll be safe in their house?
Evie 2 månader sedan
@LDShadowLady Hopefully you will not 😅
Paul Trethewey
Paul Trethewey 5 timmar sedan
Maybe a tiny,mini dessert temple and a baby deer.🦌🏛️
Ereh •
Ereh • 7 timmar sedan
Like yours
Ereh •
Ereh • 7 timmar sedan
I wish I have Java mincraft
Giselle Hughes
Giselle Hughes 13 timmar sedan
alpaca suri is cute
Ereh •
Ereh • Dag sedan
Is the thumbnail picture of the raccoon girl have the face of levi or not
Evelyn Hindle
Evelyn Hindle Dag sedan
make a llama
Nethumi Weerasekara
Make a giant cactus for the alpaca girl and a cozy temple for the fennec girl.
Arjun BLacK_KniGht
a house with fennec ears and a fennec face for fennec girl for the other girl a minni mansion
ladyshoobz 2 dagar sedan
a snowy castle?' 😇
Sior` 2 dagar sedan
Is that one Levi face in the thumbnail for me 😳
Abigail Gomez
Abigail Gomez 2 dagar sedan
Please build a little dollhouse house for the perfect girl the one that lived in the desert they came and the other girls should live in a chef hat's house
Itzzdiana YT
Itzzdiana YT 3 dagar sedan
Imma say the one witht he girl fight i say an panda house
Naty Nilo
Naty Nilo 3 dagar sedan
Panda house
Lucky dogs and lucky wolves
If you heard meowing you could make a kitty Tower
Linda Jones
Linda Jones 3 dagar sedan
For the fennec girl it could be a house just made out of san yellow bed to probably
leia kira
leia kira 3 dagar sedan
Hi catHaus
Nina 4 dagar sedan
I just realised this is 3 years ago and I do not know if it is continued anyways
Nina 4 dagar sedan
Make a pirate ship for one of your people surrounded by water and lily pads
Nina 4 dagar sedan
I have a suggestion maybe make a Disney ballon of Mickey Mouse and a collection or something in it
Edward playz the OG!
Edward playz the OG! 4 dagar sedan
for the desert girl build a little pyrimd
Zoe Fulham-Rivera
Zoe Fulham-Rivera 4 dagar sedan
For the panda do a bamboo forest and for the fennec do a desert
Evelyn Geary
Evelyn Geary 4 dagar sedan
Me rewatching all of her series
Patricia Ramos
Patricia Ramos 5 dagar sedan
Tree house!
Patricia Ramos
Patricia Ramos 5 dagar sedan
Tree house
Kaytavia Emily Montoute
Do a panda house for the fennc
Kayla Vo
Kayla Vo 5 dagar sedan
You should build a cute castle for your kids
Elizabeth Mason
Elizabeth Mason 5 dagar sedan
Build Build a cat
Chummy Banana
Chummy Banana 5 dagar sedan
Lizze:so we need to craft hat stands with sticks viewers:.......... nani
blueberry_ starcake
blueberry_ starcake 5 dagar sedan
Maybe like for both of them a white pink Aethetic small house
Deimante Chadkevic
Deimante Chadkevic 5 dagar sedan
Can u make a rainbow fairy House plz
Shamia Glover
Shamia Glover 5 dagar sedan
think you are going to have to much. Children 😥
IMA ASSAM 5 dagar sedan
Her name just change to the rakun girl to araisan
fnaf lolbit
fnaf lolbit 6 dagar sedan
Maybe the alpaca will be fennecs sister
Fantasy Dreams
Fantasy Dreams 6 dagar sedan
Animal crossing for the sheep girl thing
Ally Mahoney
Ally Mahoney 6 dagar sedan
Little marshmallow house and a mushroom house
•Cutie_Bear _Pie•
•Cutie_Bear _Pie• 6 dagar sedan
could someone tell me what mod is these animal girls in?
Theija Excho
Theija Excho 6 dagar sedan
Oscar and Ingrid play’s
The fox house could be a cactus
SAMSUNGsgvnmnmnmaamnhf Jeethree
kenna zeman
kenna zeman 7 dagar sedan
Same as Kou movie
Maryam Ojail Pr1A
Maryam Ojail Pr1A 7 dagar sedan
The raccoon girl: looking att lizzy lizzy: am gunna put a door in here so she'll stop looking The raccoon girl: is saying u cannot leave me here LD me:SHES A DEMAN.
Khoulenn gabbrielle Asuncion
I think the fox girl should be leaving in just house
The Almighty LoAf
The Almighty LoAf 8 dagar sedan
I realized now that it was Levi's face on the racoon girl
Micaela Gonzales
Micaela Gonzales 8 dagar sedan
For the alpaca girl you should make a barn
Daniel Nash
Daniel Nash 8 dagar sedan
Please make an ice castle please please please🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊🥄 it’s like I can just scoop up the corners of an ice cube it’s going to be so satisfying if you draw very nice pictures of me and my pets i’m going to make a cute little house and then I’m going to find some creepers and plants and some Ender man
Iszyrocontictok Iszy
Iszyrocontictok Iszy 9 dagar sedan
Pack ago I can have I don’t castle and the next gd get a half a bagel bagel Castle
Brianna humphrey
Brianna humphrey 9 dagar sedan
Build a fox fase
Arjin Altuntas
Arjin Altuntas 9 dagar sedan
Hi can you please show where you got the world? I really like it!
Sally Babb
Sally Babb 9 dagar sedan
you should make a cute dessert house for the fennec girl do you know the she is a fennec fox and for the alpaca you should do a cute lama themed house
Jashndeep Kaur
Jashndeep Kaur 9 dagar sedan
Hi How are you?
saanvi samit
saanvi samit 10 dagar sedan
Hey lizzie..... build a desert temple for your fennec fox girl and a mountain for the alpaca girl
Matthew O'Doherty
Matthew O'Doherty 10 dagar sedan
Desert and forest because they were born there 😉😊
Oei Wibisantoso
Oei Wibisantoso 10 dagar sedan
White fox house
marlin sotiar
marlin sotiar 10 dagar sedan
Make a dessert house please!
Brycyn Kitty doggy Harris
She said she wish she had some wings she said to picked up those bat wings at her house😂 Love you Liz
Ilana-Marie Mouser
Ilana-Marie Mouser 10 dagar sedan
Omg they r so cute :3 Omg If lizzie adopts to much we all know whats gonna happen😱🦔🦙🐫🐫🐫🐂🐃🐃🐄🐄🐄
Gaming Aliens
Gaming Aliens 10 dagar sedan
My favorite line...: “She’s even got a bed!!!” I like how she said it as if she had never seen a bed in Minecraft before.😂
Qavia Williams
Qavia Williams 10 dagar sedan
Maybe for the desert girl you can make a desert for her
Prakash Menon
Prakash Menon 10 dagar sedan
i think the fennec fox should have a desert themed house
Sarah Schweizer
Sarah Schweizer 10 dagar sedan
Why are the wizards riding pigs
Donna Pletado
Donna Pletado 11 dagar sedan
Stop going to the littel face becuse i hate
Honeycqke Roblox
Honeycqke Roblox 11 dagar sedan
Anybody notice that the raccons name is Araisan but a couple episodes it was violet the raccon🤔💭
Jade Wright
Jade Wright 11 dagar sedan
Can you upload a video please 😂😂
Jade Wright
Jade Wright 11 dagar sedan
Jade Wright
Jade Wright 11 dagar sedan
Have a great day
sssniper wolf
sssniper wolf 12 dagar sedan
Build a super cute cake house for the alpaca girl and a desert temple for the other one
Sharon Joy Cezar
Sharon Joy Cezar 12 dagar sedan
Hell in a live there’s others if there’s a cute one in the desert do you have to find in the desert
Pelliet crying
Pelliet crying 12 dagar sedan
4:55 she sounds like Junko Enoshima (no hate) love your vids!
Angel Aileen
Angel Aileen 12 dagar sedan
Lizzie what's a creeper seed?
Amyrosefan12 Yee
Amyrosefan12 Yee 12 dagar sedan
Make the fenec a desert pyramid, please.
Hott Momma
Hott Momma 12 dagar sedan
Sees that she is building a house for them me: so you’re deciding to build animal crossing?
butter_milk75 12 dagar sedan
Inside Elsa girl is a tri has back and wide
butter_milk75 12 dagar sedan
And the desert
butter_milk75 12 dagar sedan
A castle that does purple and pink
Alyssa Sue Lucas
Alyssa Sue Lucas 13 dagar sedan
Me: oh no a he dies
yvonnewb1 13 dagar sedan
Destroy tip
Ross Promes
Ross Promes 14 dagar sedan
myvirginityislost 14 dagar sedan
9:13 she sounds like the little brother in horrid henery
peepee poopoo
peepee poopoo 14 dagar sedan
Gary Mitzi
Gary Mitzi 15 dagar sedan
The automatic roll actually seal because japanese systematically man unlike a vigorous singer. brown, earthy ramie
LDshodowlady's FAN lika biggg fan
Pls see my text lixxie!
Holly Sanford
Holly Sanford 15 dagar sedan
*-Seepeekay left the game-*
Vasil Miladinov
Vasil Miladinov 15 dagar sedan
For the sand girl do a sand castle and for the alpaca do a log home
Heaven Nobles-Lee
Heaven Nobles-Lee 15 dagar sedan
I did find something it’s a South so please go there I saw creepers mobs can you please write them up and I’m saying it all night and day so I can find you thank you bye I love you eternal
Allison Tuttle
Allison Tuttle 15 dagar sedan
Fox castle
Allison Tuttle
Allison Tuttle 15 dagar sedan
You should make a alpaca castle for alpaca girl and a fenex
Jahsir Blade
Jahsir Blade 16 dagar sedan
I don’t know I miss the norm is ginormous mansion which 10 stories of rooms one room is the crafting room the second room is the bedroom don’t know if you’re keeping your stuff in chess me and then the last one is going to have a all your belongings in it so you do all your stuff on ketoOh all your stuff in that room and then when you need it just get it back
Michelle Samantha
Michelle Samantha 16 dagar sedan
The creepy currency pathogenetically visit because gateway hisologically file times a wakeful salad. workable, optimal fisherman
Sanjoy Nag
Sanjoy Nag 16 dagar sedan
Martha Padilla
Martha Padilla 16 dagar sedan
Rosa Bell
Rosa Bell 16 dagar sedan
Alpaca and desert statue
Gronnle TV
Gronnle TV 17 dagar sedan
For Alpaca Girl you could do a small hill and do a little hobbit hole
Ahmad Rahma Dani
Ahmad Rahma Dani 17 dagar sedan
The alpaca gilrsl wolf head
Blythe Gaissert
Blythe Gaissert 17 dagar sedan
Search up huntsman spider pictures and get freaked out
DLSunnygirl 18 dagar sedan
This is by far my most favourite series in lizzy’s Minecraft series. Ps who remembers that in her first episode she wanted to tame a pup
Cynthia 18 dagar sedan
Maybe a heart house for The phoenix fox girl
Khondoker Fatema
Khondoker Fatema 18 dagar sedan
Can you please please Capture another Animal girl Pretty please😮
Mindless_Maru 18 dagar sedan
For the alpaca girl you should totally make like a bubblegum theam house and for the other one I just totally forgot the name lol you should make a glow in the dark/pink House
Kirlian Aggavaro Haryanto
11 y.o me: **clicked this to watch it** 13 y.o me: **clicked this for the same reason + Levi Ackerman's face**
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