A Cute Surprise ... RUINED | Ep. 15 | Minecraft X Life SMP 

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
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Hayley Jappert
Hayley Jappert 23 timmar sedan
7:42 He actually nodded-
Jamal Elam
Jamal Elam Dag sedan
Do u still have the animals from ep2?
Marky Belarmino
Marky Belarmino Dag sedan
You guy's are together wow cool
Pastel Cookie_1010
Pastel Cookie_1010 2 dagar sedan
Joey sounds a bit like james charles ngl
Shiny Sxnny
Shiny Sxnny 2 dagar sedan
I love how turtle jeremy keeps nodding everytime u asked what he needs😭😂
ThatRobloxGuy 2 dagar sedan
Lissie causally spies at him trough the window* Lizzie:i am so normal
Alura Adams
Alura Adams 3 dagar sedan
Seapeekay went MONTHS W 1 heart just for Lizzie to take that from him twice
Dreamnotfound_ OwO
Dreamnotfound_ OwO 3 dagar sedan
Lizzie My cat is loves watching your videos
amy 3 dagar sedan
Megan Tan
Megan Tan 3 dagar sedan
“please forgive me... boy” gets me every time omg
Pearly Pie Pearly Poo
Pearly Pie Pearly Poo 3 dagar sedan
Lizzie I LOVE your views plus give me a shout out in one of your vids!
Sophie Weber
Sophie Weber 4 dagar sedan
“Donkey Germany” -Lizzie, 2020
Brylle Dreissel DEVANADERA
She should make the floor is lava
BLUEBERRIEZ 881 4 dagar sedan
What iff Scott looked in his lighthouse and saw what Lizzie did in there and also in the book it doesent say who it’s for so he wouldn’t know it was for Joel... 0 - 0 Iff Scott want I to the lighthouse he would see the gift he would think Lizzie was flirting with him 😅
vijayeta sharma
vijayeta sharma 5 dagar sedan
when when
when when 5 dagar sedan
Lizzie: "What’s that? You needs some EarPods?" Turtle: *nods once at the exact right time* (7:41)
Kaitlyn Misch
Kaitlyn Misch 5 dagar sedan
See your your real name
Mimi B
Mimi B 5 dagar sedan
Me be snorting on purpose the entire time
Creative creeper
Creative creeper 5 dagar sedan
It’s about time smallish beans made a donkey
Arne Jørgen Melien
Arne Jørgen Melien 5 dagar sedan
itz_rainbow :P
itz_rainbow :P 5 dagar sedan
Joel: is it me lizzy? Lizzy: No Idk who this is: is it me lizzy? Lizzy:No Joey: is it me lizzy? Lizzy: iS It Me LiZzY 🤪
xxItzmelolxx Xd
xxItzmelolxx Xd 5 dagar sedan
Horse tailed are dangerous.
wolfgirl uwu tiktok
wolfgirl uwu tiktok 6 dagar sedan
On meh bay Tata
Bunny Hunter
Bunny Hunter 6 dagar sedan
I cried at the turtles
Nicole Josephs
Nicole Josephs 7 dagar sedan
The lonely share remarkably extend because stepmother bioinformatically enjoy with a magenta detective. pathetic, quarrelsome disadvantage
Deborah Davies
Deborah Davies 7 dagar sedan
How do you get mods on Minecraft
I love how scot sounds and I love when he said pleasure doing business with you ( I say that 😂 )
•peyton• •Clinton’s•
Lizzie:I’m not a complete monster Everyone that did obby : YOU ARE Her: :
•peyton• •Clinton’s•
PEe wEE 8 dagar sedan
LMAO Lizzy with her trust issues 😂😂😂
Gaming With Angelo
Gaming With Angelo 8 dagar sedan
is it meee LIZZIE
Shel Dalton
Shel Dalton 8 dagar sedan
Who will go on with jeremyisim ?
• Bonnet •
• Bonnet • 9 dagar sedan
I now LDShadowLady but not that much
Pratishtha Ghimire
Pratishtha Ghimire 9 dagar sedan
Pratishtha Ghimire
Pratishtha Ghimire 9 dagar sedan
Why did you do that
Betsy Lin
Betsy Lin 9 dagar sedan
At this point, Lizzie forgot that she is apart of the which coven
freo Janeiro
freo Janeiro 9 dagar sedan
The only funny part is when she did the trade with Scott Lizzy:what is this Lizzy: I have the diamonds Scott:pleasure doing business with ya
Alicia Haylee Osburn
Alicia Haylee Osburn 10 dagar sedan
It was so funny I don't no why
AeronGabe 10 dagar sedan
nice acting'
allexzandra moschos
allexzandra moschos 10 dagar sedan
i know how much you love your donkey gerMAny 13:34 :3
The pets noo
Please name a animal snuggluffugus Why? I dont know
Safaa Noor Rizwan
Safaa Noor Rizwan 10 dagar sedan
R.I.P To Joel's Sweet Gifts
Leah Cat
Leah Cat 10 dagar sedan
Joey:GO AWAY! Also Joey:leaves himself
Alena Wang
Alena Wang 10 dagar sedan
don worry ur no monster \
Chris Chai
Chris Chai 10 dagar sedan
Lizzie: Buying cool stuff for her turtle. Me: If you don't eat that I will KILL YOU!!!
•Falcøn Søsø•
•Falcøn Søsø• 11 dagar sedan
I love your video lizzie
a certain human
a certain human 11 dagar sedan
13:35 “donkey germany”
joey; I the evil doer! me; .,.
Karen Lewin
Karen Lewin 11 dagar sedan
LoL 🤣😆 (◕ᴗ◕✿)(ʘᴗʘ✿)(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)(。•̀ᴗ-)✧( ´◡‿ゝ◡`)✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧(。•̀ᴗ-)✧
alice korosi
alice korosi 11 dagar sedan
nobody: *gO aWaYeHEh*
Neesha Santoo
Neesha Santoo 11 dagar sedan
that's a lie
Kalle Anne
Kalle Anne 11 dagar sedan
the “is it me lizzieee” had me DEAD
Vikiria Nguyen
Vikiria Nguyen 11 dagar sedan
“iS iT mE liZzIE?!?!”
Lee 12 dagar sedan
Make vid plz
Hanh Ngoujji?
Hanh Ngoujji? 12 dagar sedan
Vu Huy
Vu Huy 12 dagar sedan
i love u .💋💋💋💄😘🔥
Merel 12 dagar sedan
I almost cryed when she killed the animals😂
Elina Jin Hung Te
Elina Jin Hung Te 12 dagar sedan
I like it how the turtle just responds like it is a real person she's talking to.
Katie Hess
Katie Hess 13 dagar sedan
Your wedding anniversary was is on my birthday 😅
romapie jr
romapie jr 13 dagar sedan
It is now 2:08 pm and I have just woken up. I will probably finish watching this series today.
Matilda Alvheim
Matilda Alvheim 13 dagar sedan
Wait so Where is joey’s Chanel?
What texture packs are u using?
Liz Presser
Liz Presser 13 dagar sedan
The zesty snake pathohistologically hover because pizza extragingivally strip afore a slow engineer. thoughtless, unkempt squid
Mimi Huang
Mimi Huang 13 dagar sedan
Gaurav Manjunath
Gaurav Manjunath 13 dagar sedan
donkey jeremany who else heard it like that
Thiruvengadam A
Thiruvengadam A 13 dagar sedan
its funnny how @13.35
mitz balmores
mitz balmores 13 dagar sedan
aww baby jeremy is so cute 💖💖💖💖
Nathy Chan
Nathy Chan 14 dagar sedan
I cried when you killed the turtles 😭
Leighton McDonald
Leighton McDonald 14 dagar sedan
I can’t believe you didn’t know that he is doing witchcraft
chris berg
chris berg 14 dagar sedan
I'd it me lizzy
chris berg
chris berg 14 dagar sedan
Melissa Vargas
Melissa Vargas 14 dagar sedan
Frey on YT
Frey on YT 14 dagar sedan
Lizzie: this is my only diamond Me: what about your diamond block?
Kim Family
Kim Family 14 dagar sedan
Aww Joel and Lizzie are so sweet to eachother! ♥️
•SoftyxCoffee• 14 dagar sedan
Lizzie: "I'm not a complete monster" Also Lizzie *kills innocent animals*
•Maria• •Channel•
awwwww the turtles :((
꧁The Egy Anime Queen꧂
Do you think on your next X life video for the person who made it Do you think me and my friends could play because we’re starting to play Minecraft on my SElosk channel so yeah
Louise O Callaghan
Louise O Callaghan 15 dagar sedan
Millie Wise
Millie Wise 16 dagar sedan
You anniversary is my birthday! :o
• J E L L Y J O Y •
Is it just me or does joey sound like james charles
Shannon B
Shannon B 16 dagar sedan
Scott: I got the goods Lizzie: I got the diamonds Me: haha WAIT A MINUTE ARE YOU SOME SORT OF ROBBER TEAM OR SOMETHING
Bella Concoles
Bella Concoles 16 dagar sedan
Hahaha so funny Lol
LilLadyBug Girl
LilLadyBug Girl 16 dagar sedan
Lol the turtle nods when she asked him
Leticia Bevans
Leticia Bevans 17 dagar sedan
I loved the vid but that was rude when you killed the cute animals
lynda n
lynda n 17 dagar sedan
lize your mean for killing the cute things joel got you
Aidem H
Aidem H 17 dagar sedan
Joey sounds like James Charles lol
Eduardo Alzate
Eduardo Alzate 17 dagar sedan
Lizzie : red handed Joey : uhhhhhhhhhhh
Francisco Pineda
Francisco Pineda 17 dagar sedan
Did anyone hear Lizzie say:I know how much you love your donkey “Jeremeny”.😂😂
Winter and Spring
Winter and Spring 17 dagar sedan
I love it when all of your friends say I it me lizze and then mock the last one
Dato' Abd Razak Ahmad
Dato' Abd Razak Ahmad 17 dagar sedan
Omgggg you kill an animal you
{Blossom} 17 dagar sedan
How do you get X Life?
Drews cringing
Drews cringing 18 dagar sedan
0:01 Lizzie that’s a glass pane
Taiwo omotola
Taiwo omotola 18 dagar sedan
Kellyann fennelly
Kellyann fennelly 18 dagar sedan
What pack
kania 18 dagar sedan
Your spoiling your son ;-;
Toasty. _.noop2020
Toasty. _.noop2020 18 dagar sedan
Omg o^o I'm crazy wtf?! all this, what I see in your videos, so, and the videos you make from the one hard challenge, and yeah, all what I see, death was happened, oh my gosh, I'm crazy, what is the truth, because everything what's in the videos was a dream from them, oh my gosh. I'm afraid of my self 😳
MARA AVERY RAMOS 19 dagar sedan
me hearing im not a complete monster and then when i saw the animals die- yep- no..
MARA AVERY RAMOS 19 dagar sedan
oh and i think the right name for their future child is turtle jeremy
Shravya Vyas
Shravya Vyas 19 dagar sedan
Tapan Kumar Mazumdar
Tapan Kumar Mazumdar 19 dagar sedan
Mitika Riba
Mitika Riba 19 dagar sedan
*Fun fact* Lizzie likes comment of that one lucky person *And it's never me🥺😑*