100 Days in a Minecraft World 

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Today I'm trying a challenge originated by @Luke TheNotable to spend 100 days in a Minecraft Single player world (not Hardcore though) tracking progress from day 1 to day 100... What can I achieve in the space of 100 days in Minecraft? Let's find out :D
Stats pages: imgur.com/a/QwNyi37

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LDShadowLady 2 dagar sedan
For those interested, the world seed is: -8752606928398412679 on a 1.16.1 Minecraft JAVA on PC world
Gifts Adore
Gifts Adore Timme sedan
Lizzie does it work on pocket edition Please reply-
Gifts Adore
Gifts Adore Timme sedan
Does it work on pocket edition?
little rat
little rat 2 timmar sedan
thanks for telling us lizzy
ANNABELLE PHAN 2 timmar sedan
Michael Liguori
Michael Liguori 4 timmar sedan
I am subcribed to Lizzie SUB TO LIZZIE!
Puffおしけん 37 sekunder sedan
My thing here is: [How to be creative on minecraft]
Erka the warrior creator
Erka the warrior creator 20 minuter sedan
Congratulations!!! 🎉
Erka the warrior creator
Erka the warrior creator 20 minuter sedan
You got 5 million subs!!!
Miguel Ethan Gautane
Miguel Ethan Gautane 25 minuter sedan
I loved this pleaasssseee make a 200 one good job
Kate Dao-ayan
Kate Dao-ayan 45 minuter sedan
I have a a omlet arcade
Kate Dao-ayan
Kate Dao-ayan 46 minuter sedan
What that Minecraft beta or is Minecraft pocket
Raizel Tangapa
Raizel Tangapa 49 minuter sedan
I'm gonna do this in mine craft
Alex Cole
Alex Cole Timme sedan
What is the texture pack
nichole hernandez
nichole hernandez Timme sedan
When me and my brother were watching this and she came to the 69 day he went like 80 and danced around
Kamilah Timme sedan
i keep on watching these i been watching this for 2 months ;-;
Blinding Lights23
Blinding Lights23 Timme sedan
24:51 - “it wasn’t the most relaxing hot tub I’ve ever been in, it was quite turbulent actually..
Dennis Pogi
Dennis Pogi Timme sedan
You we same similarities! I am a new subscriber btw :3
Katie Cook
Katie Cook Timme sedan
Satisfying 🙃
Madison B.
Madison B. Timme sedan
Bruh I have a survival world that I just mine and decorate my house in- I’m missing so much
Baby blue Bunny
Baby blue Bunny Timme sedan
“What’s this? Silk touch for __ *diamonds?*” Me: those are Emeralds Lizzie *Emeralds*
Henry Prophete
Henry Prophete Timme sedan
Is it the days irl or in minecraft
Roel Gaceta
Roel Gaceta Timme sedan
I love it how you said bunkbeds idk why TwT
RRPLAYES Ramos 2 timmar sedan
20:57 did she say diamond's
emma 2 timmar sedan
What's your texture pack/resource pack?
Chijani Barnuevo
Chijani Barnuevo 2 timmar sedan
ld shadow lady i just found a redstone since you were in the lava lake
XxTwinkle StarsxX
XxTwinkle StarsxX 2 timmar sedan
did anyone hear her say eight diamonds
Yu Ming Zhong
Yu Ming Zhong 2 timmar sedan
and i met tommyinnit and tubbo and dream the best minecraft player he 1v1ed me i wined 4 rounds he was like what the heck no way
Fidget Trading
Fidget Trading 2 timmar sedan
When u said playing Minecraft for 100 days I thought u where talking for real real🐮
Yu Ming Zhong
Yu Ming Zhong 2 timmar sedan
i created my own smp and i got armor better than dimond i biluded a home i wanted more diamond so i got some more got some xp and i killed ender men
Mr. NoobYTube
Mr. NoobYTube 2 timmar sedan
What shader u using? Pls Edit 20:54 diamonds or emerald?
mazhar mian
mazhar mian 3 timmar sedan
I am a big fan of your videos and I am a fan of you you are the best you tuber I ever could watch
kris9700 kris9700
kris9700 kris9700 3 timmar sedan
fkcinug get to day 200
Townsend Weiler
Townsend Weiler 3 timmar sedan
20:57 those aren’t diamonds miss
Jayden Young
Jayden Young 3 timmar sedan
i have watched this video like 7 time in less than 2 weeks help me wamen
Zya Myrielle Villafuerte
*gasp* why do u get to eat nuggies?? :(
olga Calvillo
olga Calvillo 3 timmar sedan
Oh mi god your house its amaizing and all hard you make dude you are a haker 😎😱❤
Galaxy Wolfe
Galaxy Wolfe 3 timmar sedan
Maria Rosângela
Maria Rosângela 3 timmar sedan
Hi Cherryrar is You fan :)
Gaming Aliens
Gaming Aliens 3 timmar sedan
I really love how when Lizzie sees a problem like for example the mountain behind the nether portal looked quite hideous she just fix’s it. She’s very productive and it’s satisfying to watch
Ellie Liew
Ellie Liew 4 timmar sedan
No one: Lizzie: So I collected some souls...
Christina Soto
Christina Soto 4 timmar sedan
Since when do villagers take diamonds
lindyflatau 4 timmar sedan
WOW 🤩 I was in a little humboldt
Aibileen Lin
Aibileen Lin 4 timmar sedan
You weren't supposed to put torches in the slime chunk
Vanessa W
Vanessa W 4 timmar sedan
Michael Liguori
Michael Liguori 4 timmar sedan
I love your videos there awesome
Sanchana Joy
Sanchana Joy 4 timmar sedan
Wow I like your house and adventure!
Kitty Harris
Kitty Harris 4 timmar sedan
Led shadow lady YOU ARE Hilarious :)
David J Kim
David J Kim 4 timmar sedan
The lackadaisical knife decisively clip because verse behaviorally blot midst a evanescent offence. rigid, psychotic washer
Allison Hua
Allison Hua 4 timmar sedan
amazing :D
David J Kim
David J Kim 4 timmar sedan
The befitting cupcake externally obtain because jeans fascinatingly supply within a cultured norwegian. adjoining, nappy timpani
Toasted Bread
Toasted Bread 4 timmar sedan
turtle in the egg : should we hatch? the second turtle in the egg : nah, she took us away from our parents turtle in the egg : yeah, we better not hatch
wElL iT wAs oNe oF yUs- DISGASTANG
wat up:)
Judith Johncox
Judith Johncox 5 timmar sedan
what shaders do you use
wElL iT wAs oNe oF yUs- DISGASTANG
wAs pOpIn’-
Jeremiah Thomas
Jeremiah Thomas 5 timmar sedan
Cough cough one life?
wElL iT wAs oNe oF yUs- DISGASTANG
Mary Sui
Mary Sui 5 timmar sedan
S masks
wElL iT wAs oNe oF yUs- DISGASTANG
Hai. bai
NinjaDerp500 5 timmar sedan
Lizzie: is confused why the villagers are turning into fishermen Also Lizzie: has a bunch of barrels
LY Sloth
LY Sloth 5 timmar sedan
"can I have nuggies?!"🤚🥺 that was the purest mose adorable thing I've ever heard I-
ella grace
ella grace 5 timmar sedan
"will i defeat the ender dragon? probably not. "But you know what i can do? get some turtles."
Luis Gabriel
Luis Gabriel 5 timmar sedan
What texture pack do you use?
Galaxy Ghost
Galaxy Ghost 5 timmar sedan
Every time i hear her intro song I get a massive wave of nostalgia and my eyes water a bit 💕🥰
Galaxy Wolfe
Galaxy Wolfe 3 timmar sedan
Same :3
Lenore Folkes
Lenore Folkes 5 timmar sedan
Have you ever played the world of Minecraft
parzival567 5 timmar sedan
Did anyone else notice the n=th=er portal in that village on day 50!!!!!!!!!
Vinny Vincent
Vinny Vincent 6 timmar sedan
Man I wish I was as good as a builder as you
TheGaming Unicorn
TheGaming Unicorn 6 timmar sedan
I wish I could play Minecraft like this
Willis Kelly
Willis Kelly 6 timmar sedan
Wow i love when u get dimmon
Alisher Mur
Alisher Mur 6 timmar sedan
i also heard 8 diamonds
Krishna Uprety
Krishna Uprety 6 timmar sedan
Love your animachion at the front
elle mays
elle mays 6 timmar sedan
The versed risk conspicuously separate because soil commonly trouble per a ill sock. defective, glossy peanut
EMMA JIN 6 timmar sedan
U really like ur idea of building
Ellen Ole
Ellen Ole 6 timmar sedan
Lizzi pliz tell me the shaders you use
Familia Trujillo Arias
Familia Trujillo Arias 6 timmar sedan
Toast & Nick
Toast & Nick 6 timmar sedan
Survival tip in Minecraft close the door at night!!!
Ella 2
Ella 2 6 timmar sedan
only lizzie decorates a mountain behind her nether portal
Jennifer Travis
Jennifer Travis 6 timmar sedan
I love you. Ps you are my favorite youboter
katherine baeten
katherine baeten 6 timmar sedan
I actually like the bridge it doesn't look hideous I love it
Jackie Sandoval
Jackie Sandoval 7 timmar sedan
Why not use a frens
J a z G l i t t e r G i r l
Please do it again
Sara’s Art
Sara’s Art 7 timmar sedan
It’s emeralds not diamonds but I mean u must be tired gosh!
Kirra White
Kirra White 7 timmar sedan
21:41 ITS EYES ARE BLUE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
S_mplyAlex 7 timmar sedan
i've watched this already and I'm watching it again
Citric Acid
Citric Acid 7 timmar sedan
100 real or minecraft days?
Woofie 274
Woofie 274 7 timmar sedan
was I the only one that got scared when she said "I thought"?
Brynn Dutcher
Brynn Dutcher 7 timmar sedan
Rose abelle
Rose abelle 7 timmar sedan
This is so addicting to watch
Kim Namtiddies
Kim Namtiddies 8 timmar sedan
23:32 that transition
malina harper
malina harper 8 timmar sedan
Wait I’m so confused how didn’t she die when she literally pearled into the void at the end??
kaitlyn potter-weasley-granger
if the pearl doesn't hit a block, you don't tp!
Caroline Head
Caroline Head 8 timmar sedan
Why does she sound so much like yammy
childe is my caca
childe is my caca 8 timmar sedan
my biggest fear in minecraft is being far away from home
Roblox Baby
Roblox Baby 8 timmar sedan
Pls what game
Roblox Baby
Roblox Baby 8 timmar sedan
What is that game called
Hudson Cantu
Hudson Cantu 8 timmar sedan
If you use a Silk touch pickax on a gold nugget in the nether then smelt it down it turns to a full bar of gold. Sorry if it was patched
Hudson Cantu
Hudson Cantu 8 timmar sedan
Hudson Cantu
Hudson Cantu 8 timmar sedan
I’d love it if ya notice your make favorite SEloskr
soap 9 timmar sedan
Lol i watched the video found this chanel on recomend and subed
julia ._.
julia ._. 9 timmar sedan
Lizzie: *spawns in* Ender dragon: why do I hear boss music?
Sergei Karp
Sergei Karp 9 timmar sedan
Hello Lizzie I love your video’s but did you know what is the ender man behind your tree when you were able to capture the villager I love your videos and I hope I can meet you in your life one day I love your hair bye 👋
Blinding Lights23
Blinding Lights23 9 timmar sedan
Lizzie I have watched this video so many times I love it and I’m going to keep watching it over and over and over and over because I LOVE IT
Royale Kittenx
Royale Kittenx 9 timmar sedan
Akari Playz
Akari Playz 9 timmar sedan
Is it me or am I laughing when she trapped the villager-
Maplefrost 9 timmar sedan
200 days plz
KJ Moore
KJ Moore 9 timmar sedan
KJ Moore
KJ Moore 9 timmar sedan
you did it!!
This is Stupid -_-
This is Stupid -_- 10 timmar sedan
Pls 200 days I oove this Minecraft map so please post 200days it’s amazing and so are u :D
Blackhair 10 timmar sedan
Aurora Ledesma
Aurora Ledesma 10 timmar sedan
yuo poor now yuo PRO cool
tafari fuller
tafari fuller 10 timmar sedan
LD shadow lady can you make 200 days in Minecraft plz I'm you bigest fan
Odėta Dimeniene
Odėta Dimeniene 10 timmar sedan
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