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Minecraft is love. Minecraft is life.
Crazy Craft 3.0, Shadowcraft, Minecraft, Mini-games, Minecraft mods \u0026 Random indie games!
I'm Let's Play Gamer called Lizzie!
I love cats and anything cute :3

P.S. Sorry I don't have an upload schedule! I try to post frequently but I've found that the best videos are made when I'm inspired and motivated. Trying to stick to a schedule drains away all the spontaneity and excitement from making videos. I still want to keep this as fun as possible for me so hopefully it's more fun for you to watch too!

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100 Days in a Minecraft World
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Top 10 Cute Minecraft Mods
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Dolunay Ozgur
Dolunay Ozgur 2 timmar sedan
: ) perfakt
Kawaii Kitten
Kawaii Kitten 2 timmar sedan
Bernardette Balzan
Bernardette Balzan 2 timmar sedan
and you are soooo good at bilding
Bernardette Balzan
Bernardette Balzan 2 timmar sedan
you are soooooo funny!! :))))
jiageng XU
jiageng XU 2 timmar sedan
It’s ok Lizzie
Grace Considine
Grace Considine 2 timmar sedan
can you name an animal Lola
jiageng XU
jiageng XU 2 timmar sedan
Moon rug of course I am like Katherine and Lauren
WinterIsa 2 timmar sedan
binaya rajbhandari
binaya rajbhandari 2 timmar sedan
3:01 don't click on it 😑 you did That was embarrassing 😶😶
Lexie Althea Nicolas
Lexie Althea Nicolas 2 timmar sedan
you need a blaze rod for blaze poder to power the brewing stand
binaya rajbhandari
binaya rajbhandari 2 timmar sedan
0:50 what school nurses think they are IT DOESN'T HELP MRS SMITH
Ananya Parshotam
Ananya Parshotam 2 timmar sedan
You have good taste in designing
• Bonnet •
• Bonnet • 2 timmar sedan
DLSunnygirl 3 timmar sedan
Can you drown in spring water
Sugarcupcakegamer 3 timmar sedan
Why are those endermans eye was blue
Fran De
Fran De 3 timmar sedan
Lizzie they can see you cause you were wearing your armour!!!
Lara Yip chon see
Lara Yip chon see 3 timmar sedan
Fran De
Fran De 3 timmar sedan
What did Phill do?
Alani Batten
Alani Batten 3 timmar sedan
Wow surviving almost 3 episodes with 1 heart! 👍👏😸🥳🤩 All hail queen Lizzie 👑
魔 MysticalCreepily 鬼
LDShadowlady actually named her panda after noses lol(I am Chinese so I am actually laughing really hard rn)
Madalynn Vega
Madalynn Vega 3 timmar sedan
That one shot in her wedding dress of her smiling, that warmed my heart Lizzie makes my day better every time I watch her, Lizzie you and your friends have litterly developed me, u raised me and I’m so beyond happy rn
Karlie Offergeld
Karlie Offergeld 3 timmar sedan
How do you become a shadow cadet?
hamid Satti
hamid Satti 3 timmar sedan
is it java edition
suchitha rai
suchitha rai 3 timmar sedan
i am also aphmaus fan and i watch her vidio every day. and i want you to know that kwai chan, aphmaus best frind, who is a kitty cat women has now commented...dan dan dan. like and sub to aphmau/jess.
SHAIRO vlogs
SHAIRO vlogs 3 timmar sedan
New subscriber here🥰💗
Lexie Bee
Lexie Bee 3 timmar sedan
“Maybe he’s more agile than a chicken I don’t know” I don’t know why but what she said was hilarious to me
Jocel barrett
Jocel barrett 3 timmar sedan
How old are you ????????
Aneeqa Janae P. Macauyag
do you know lizzie if you have a feather in your hand in minecraft you can fall so slowly
Jocel barrett
Jocel barrett 3 timmar sedan
Lauren z side could not find it on the email s
Cally River
Cally River 3 timmar sedan
I like the rat mod it's so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Nita - Chan
Nita - Chan 3 timmar sedan
I tried it now.... I’m alone I lost my chicken friend I don’t know how to read coordinates I’m stuck in a jungle There’s a creeper on top of me I’m underground Help
Liam Mathosa
Liam Mathosa 3 timmar sedan
I’m Squidward tentacles , and I’m spongebob yahahahaha yahahahaha
Vicaela Baclagon
Vicaela Baclagon 3 timmar sedan
Unreal Th3K!D
Unreal Th3K!D 4 timmar sedan
Lizzie: OMG these animal *HEADS* are so CUTE!!!! Me: Well that just happened
Paul Trethewey
Paul Trethewey 4 timmar sedan
Maybe a tiny,mini dessert temple and a baby deer.🦌🏛️
Albert Moreno
Albert Moreno 4 timmar sedan
Pls do another oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Aliliah Squad
Aliliah Squad 4 timmar sedan
I don’t have a magic carpet on Minecraft😑
Devon W
Devon W 4 timmar sedan
at 24:08 i laghfed sooo hard 🤣😎🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
DJ 4 timmar sedan
Did she say diamonds not emeralds or am I imagining it?
Devon W
Devon W 4 timmar sedan
totally not me simping for the snow white sim 😍😍🥰🥰😂 (im a lesbian
Helen Dunne
Helen Dunne 4 timmar sedan
Love u 😍
Deepak Trehan
Deepak Trehan 4 timmar sedan
Which game do you play
Vince Louie Dacayana
Vince Louie Dacayana 4 timmar sedan
Me too
Sienna And Oceana
Sienna And Oceana 4 timmar sedan
1:20 ... AHhHHhHHh!!!!
Tiny Jenny
Tiny Jenny 4 timmar sedan
3012 anyone?
•Pink Kitten•
•Pink Kitten• 4 timmar sedan
Anyone else miss 2019,2018, and 2017?
Zara Priest
Zara Priest 5 timmar sedan
build their 👍🏻
Devon W
Devon W 5 timmar sedan
i dont know about any other lesbians out there but i always male my sim which is a girl date a nother girl 😍🥰😂
Devon W
Devon W 5 timmar sedan
you never fail to make my day :)
Liam Mathosa
Liam Mathosa 5 timmar sedan
Eat crazy craft player
IRIS FINK 5 timmar sedan
Lizzie let’s get rid of ridiculous rainbow Me WUT! Don’t disrespect rainbows Lizzie!
MaddieDrawzz 5 timmar sedan
Me dying because she didn’t grab the second diamond above it-
Leana Mighty
Leana Mighty 5 timmar sedan
He looks demonic
Redoble123 Redoble
Redoble123 Redoble 5 timmar sedan
The Beautiful color is red or orange or Blue
Dennis Kitchen
Dennis Kitchen 5 timmar sedan
Pls put a carpet next to your bed because it will look pretty
Whispering_butterflies 5 timmar sedan
1. green 2. fall damage 3. frog prince boughteque 4.moon paw 5.secret basement
Devon W
Devon W 5 timmar sedan
not me being a simp for a zombe themed sims 😍😂
suchitha rai
suchitha rai 5 timmar sedan
guys,did you see that there was a lot of glass in the chest already???. LD Shadow Lady didnt even notice it. anyway,i love animals too. big fan. LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to her pls
Queen Evie gaming
Queen Evie gaming 5 timmar sedan
Liam Mathosa
Liam Mathosa 5 timmar sedan
I know Yammy
Sonia Dabas
Sonia Dabas 5 timmar sedan
I'm the crazy player but sometimes only sometimes I be the bad player only sometimes ok!
Zen or Zoey
Zen or Zoey 5 timmar sedan
Overlay Furniture
Overlay Furniture 5 timmar sedan
Red beds are The OG
I Want Carrots
I Want Carrots 5 timmar sedan
G.Sanmukhapriya Reddy
G.Sanmukhapriya Reddy 5 timmar sedan
The black pink floor for blackpink
sara Kolditz
sara Kolditz 5 timmar sedan
OMG make a Amazon rain forest
shannon uwu
shannon uwu 5 timmar sedan
how is she so good bruh 😐
Xxxxmarshmallow_catanddogs099 and love evrydingxxxX
20:57 lizzie:silk touch for eight diamonds Emrald:AM I BLUE
Sheriann Bylund
Sheriann Bylund 6 timmar sedan
Lizzy: leaves the saddles on the horses and donkey Also Lizzy 2 episodes ago: And saddles are super valuable!!
Elina Jin Hung Te
Elina Jin Hung Te 6 timmar sedan
8:42 Who remembers Tree Pig?
Ereh •
Ereh • 6 timmar sedan
No one: The no faces: uh augh uh augh ugh ah~😫😩
Malia McGuire
Malia McGuire 6 timmar sedan
Sn0wy Winter
Sn0wy Winter 6 timmar sedan
May I ask how you always find back to the spawn point?😅
I Want Carrots
I Want Carrots 5 timmar sedan
liz king
liz king 6 timmar sedan
lizzie you could've kept that old house as a storage house or barn!
Aesthetics _Strxwberry
Aesthetics _Strxwberry 6 timmar sedan
I kinda suspected the prank bc of the hearts if you could see it , it was not on hardcore but.. I thought it was a glitch
Hoor Ul Ain
Hoor Ul Ain 6 timmar sedan
Im a crazy craft builder 😂
Johanne Abegail Mora
Johanne Abegail Mora 6 timmar sedan
hey liz shotout plz
Erin Earley
Erin Earley 6 timmar sedan
A day till its been 2 months
Johanne Abegail Mora
Johanne Abegail Mora 7 timmar sedan
i like black hole room.....